Heart broken

My husband Brian who went into hospital on 27th December 2016 with double pneumonia they treated him with antibiotics and sent him home after 3 days he was very poorly when they bought him home he came home with antibiotics after he finished the course He seemed alright then 7days being off antibiotics had call doctor out infection didn't clear so more antibiotics this went on and on then on Thursday 18th may I took him to doctors again and yes another chest infection then on 23rd may put him to bed we were laughing and joking I thought he was getting better and antibiotics must be working only to find my darling Brian had passed away on 24th may they tried 23 mins to save his life but with no response so rest in peace my darling I miss him so much 💔💔💔💔💔

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  • I am so sorry, what can we say other than we feel so much for you. Please hold on to those precious moments when you were laughing and joking together; you must have been very special for your Brian. Do take care, Ian

  • Hi I'm so sorry for your loss, try and think of all the wonderful times you had together, I know that there are no words I can say to help but if you ever need to talk I am here, sending big hug love Leanne x

  • So sorry to hear òf your loss. I don't know what else to say except it must be awful. Stay brave and try to remember the good times.

    Mina X

  • I am so very sorry to hear about your husband. You know someone said to hold on to the memory of laughing and joking with him and I totally agree.

    Sadly my husband died in hospital in February. He could only say one word by then!

    Your heart is breaking now for the loss you have suffered but he actually had a good death, in so far as any death can be said to be good.

    So think thank goodness he was at home with you and happy. You will think that way eventually I am sure. God bless you. I hope you have family with you? It is so lonely when you lose the person you love.

    Marie x

  • So sorry for your loss. Billy did much the same, in that he was in hospital, with pneumonia. But in very good form. His sister was in there in the morning, giving him his breakfast. He ate the lot, and told her to go to work, as I would be there by lunchtime, 2 hours later, he simply closed his eyes and went. The nurse was stood at the end of his bed. Wonderful that they go so peacefully, but a shock, when we think things are improving. I miss him terribly too. He was a wonderful man. My thoughts are with you. And everyone here. Life's a bitch, and we are left to try and carry on.

    Hugs to you all.beverley

  • I'm so sorry to read this! When my dad passed away I found it helped to focus on the good and happy times we spent together. I'm a little further along than you as my wonderful father lost his battle in January. I wish I could tell you things get easier, they don't, but you just find a way to cope. I still miss his as much as the day he took his last breath but find comfort in the fact he is no longer suffering, and remember all our good times, and feel proud and privileged to be his daughter! Im standing because of the person he taught me to be. Sending lots of strength your way xxx

  • So sorry to hear your news thinking of you

  • It saddens me to read your Post, My first wife passed away at midday today, my daughter who had her 46th birthday yesterday was with her mum when she passed..... My daughter told me this afternoon she was very sad and heart broken her mum had passed away, but happy for her mum because she was no longer in pain. May she rest in peace.

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