Burning legs and feet at night early hours

Hi can anyone help please. Husband PV. He has been suffering from hot legs and feet in bed after being asleep he wakes up and has burning legs and feet. He takes 500mg hydroxycarbomide five days and 1000mg at weekends. His red count is stable but white count high. His consultant has said it is erythromelalgia. He cannot take aspirin because he had a major stomach bleed. Has anyone else got any tips on this. Thanks

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  • Hi Tissi, I did have issues with burning feet way back in 08/09, it was a horrible feeling but it just left and i dont experience that anymore, thank god, i do think it has something to do with the bloods and circulation etc, my main issue at present is the cold, especially my hands, i cannot stand when the temps drop, sorry i cannot be of more help to your husband.

  • Hi Tissi, I have had some advice from Prof Harrison for you regarding your husband's burning feet and legs, she has advised that he will need a full evaluation to make sure it is definitely erythromelalgia or if it is attributable to his PV and whether or not any medication may help him if it is definitely erythromelalgia, he should also ask about being prescribed an alternative to aspirin as these are available. Kind regards, Maz.

  • Thank you both for the answers. I have persuaded him to see the GP next week and we go for bloods last week in March. I will be going to the hospital with him and will ask questions about it and aspirin alternatives. His white count was 50 and is gradually going down with the increase in hydroxycarbomide at the weekend. Take care. Thank you

  • Hi I have that at night while sleeping sometimes. If I get up and run my legs under the cold tap it stops the burning and I can return to sleep. Hope this helps, it really works for me

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