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High White Blood Cells

Hello to everyone. Just a question for you. My husband has PV and is currently taking hydroxycarbomide 2 every other day. After struggling with anaemia for the last year after a major stomach bleed his red counts are coming back to a normal range, he was bone marrow tested and his consultant thought he was turning MF but Addenbrookes hospital did not agree so his condition is still PV. The thing is his neutrophil count is still very high, his overall white blood count is 30 and his consultant is gradually increasing the hydroxyl but it is a fine balance because of the red count. His platelet count is normal. He is looking and feeling much better than six months ago but his white count is what is bothering me and his consultant does not say much other than to increase his meds slightly. We go back 23 July to see if they have lowered but over the last three months they have only lowered from 35 to 30. As far as I know the neutrophils are the infection fighting ones and he has no infection that they know off so it is very strange. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

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Hi Tissi

Sorry I can't help you with this one but why don't you ask Maz direct through the MPD website so she can help. Kind regards Aime


Hi Tissi, I will get some advice for you. Kind regards, Maz.


hi Tissi, I now have some advice for you from Prof Harrison at Guy's, this is her reply:

Actually patients with PV do have high white cell counts without any evidence of change to myelofibrosis. Of course this is a good thing.

In addition while there is some evidence linking high white count with clotting events it is weak and we do not know if controlling the white count is important for this or not. Furthermore any treatment to lower the white count will also make your husband anaemic.

It is a good thing to see that there is active discussion and involvement with the Addenbrooke's site for your husband this shows that his doctors are carefully monitoring him and discussing his case with experts..

I hope this helps, kind regards, Maz.


Thankyou so much. Been without computer for two weeks while being repaired so sorry for delay in thanking you. Husband's consultant has increased hydroxy by 1000mg a week to see if it lowers the whites. Go back to clinic 23 July for bloods again, so will see what happens then. Thank you for your help. Regards Patricia


has your husband been tested for cll that usualy starts with a raised lymphocite count with no sign of any underlying virus i was diagnosed with it and my count is 80 and rising.


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