Very often urinate during night and day

I have PV and drinking daily minimum 3l of water but I urinate by day and by night sometimes at every 10 minute . Anyway during the night I urinate 7-10 times. Sporadically I urinate normally 2times/hour. I'm on Hydrea

Have anybody same symptoms, knows the causes and how to proceed for a normal urinate sure according with liquids drank.

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  • I have had ET since 2003 and often have to get up through the night for a pee.

    Not sure whether it's our medication or physiology that's the problem as I haven't been taking any MPN med for over a year and still have the problem but probably to a lesser extent. I believe Hydroxyurea works on the kidneys and that is why those taking the drug are recommended to drink plenty of water. Obviously if you do this deep into the evening you're probably going to be doing a few commando runs to the parlour at night. ;-)

  • cata- you didnt say how old you were or your gender- it may be physiological ie aging, but i would get checked out for a urinary infection. also decrease your total fluid intake to 2 litres and less at night. something like ural sachets which is basically sodium bicarb can reduce the stress on an overactive bladder,good luck, karteeka

  • thank you for reply I'm 52,male can you give me more details about ural (how action,etc)

  • cata- sorry i forgot you are o/seas= ural is a systemic alkaliser, there are several similar products and comes in a sachet and is taken as a fizzy drink- your chemist would know it

  • Should check out with your doctor about other possibilities e.g. if you are male, could also be related to prostate problems, as well as a high intake of liquids.

  • I saw a urologist for the same problem... he said 3litres was far too much for a sedentary person to drink in a day & to cut it down to no more than 1litre per day: I did that & it made a huge difference; never get up in the night now!

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