Slight temp and night sweats

Hi Guys, I know there have been posts before about rises in temperature. My blood counts were ok but going to get them checked soon but I am getting an increase in night sweats and also a temp most mornings of about 37.7-37.9. Just wondered if anyone else has had this pattern and if it has been linked to their mpn. I have PV but also have arthritic issues so unsure which is causing the rise in temp which I know is not very high but enough to make me feel yuk! Kindest regards Aime xx😺

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  • My wife and two kids have polycythemia. She gets night sweats. Not sure if it is related to to it. Be interesting if others ring in. Best wishes.

  • Hi Aimee, I definitely get night sweats, sometimes my hair is visibly wet in the morning!

    Its never occurred to me to take my temperature though... the sweats don't seem to be related to what my counts are doing though.

    hope you get to the bottom of the temps. best wishes. Fee

  • I have ET and I sometimes get night sweats! Haven't taken my temperature though. I also have arthritis, that seems to be getting more painful, I don't know whether that is connected to the ET or age or just progression of the arthritis!! I'm very wary of having the operation for knee replacements because of the ET though.

    Best wishes


  • Yes!!!!! I too get night sweats, not hormone related, as the docs first words usually are... I had a total hysterectomy. 20 years ago went into menopause, so I am through the other side well and truly. But I did find that prior to being diagnosed with ET, I knew something wasn't right! They put me on chemo, and then chemo and interferon, and the night sweats stopped, lovely I thought..... But I've since been weaned off the chemo, in favour of interferon, cos its working ,and my sweats have returned!

    I personally think it is part of the MPN condition......

    Hope you feel better soon xx

  • Have suffered from quite bad night sweats (sometimes refer to them as 'melt downs' - as seems more reflective of how severe they can be!)...have ET. Mother had PV and also had night sweats. Hadn't thought to take temp in morning, though. Never seems to correspond to platelet levels, which seems odd in a way. Wish you all the best. Tinkerbell13

  • Thank you for all your replies. It's good to know that others have similar symptoms but sorry you have to put up with these meltdowns, I like that description Twinkly! I have just walked about a mile and although it is absolutely freezing outside I have come back pouring with sweat and feeling a bit yuck! Better now I have sat down and had some fruit and water (oops and a cream egg)!

    I'm going to speak to my GP next week so will update you.

    Kindest regards

    Aime xx😺

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