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New treatment options


Mesa: It’s an exciting time in MPNs without a doubt. I would break it down into 2 advances. The first is in patients with ET and PV. At this meeting, there continues to be further updates on the important role of long-acting interferons. They are having a big impact and are probably superior to hydroxyurea in both the first- and second-line. At this meeting, we are seeing data on both thrombosis-free survival rates as well as the molecular impact in terms of its use.

In MF, I think we see a very robust set of therapies developing, including a robust group of JAK inhibitors that will complement each other in terms of their activity. Novel combinations are looking at different mechanisms of action, such as BET inhibition, TGF-beta inhibition, LSD1 inhibition, etc., as well as new drugs in development for use even as single-agents.

This is an exciting time with a lot of things in development. I think the parallel of events we are seeing in MDS with the oral hypomethylating agents and other agents will likely have benefit for patients with advanced MPNs as well.

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Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for posting

Thank you for letting us know hope is on the horizon

Thanks again Paul. Hope is a very powerful message. I’m still hanging on in there after almost 26 years of living with MPN (7.5 years since MF diagnosis) and with all my blood counts ridiculously low I’m always on the lookout for treatment developments. I am lucky enough to be seeing Prof Harrison next month for my annual visit so hopefully she will give me hope too.

Ettiel in reply to beetle

Good luck with your upcoming meeting with Prof Harrison Beetle. Hopefully you can benefit from one of the new treatments outlined by Paul. 👍

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My husband had PV for 6 years then last year he's now early stages of MF he was absolutely exhausted he's now on ruxolitanib and feels a lot better however he's still exhausted some days but nowhere near as bad as when he wasnt on ruxolitanib.

Would be great to have in cure in the future as they have come along way with blood cancer treatment.


Very encouraging to hear of these developments, thank you for sharing this information.

Thank you: are you aware of any evidence of results using pegasys plus ruxolitinib for MF?

Yes, very much so. Probably easiest if you check my posts over last few months. I posted video re Dr Silver a couple of months ago. I’m sure I also posted INF + Ruxo trial results within last few weeks.

I’ll have a look out. From memory INF plus Ruxo has been an established treatment for early stage MF for a while but I believe this has been rolled out to more advanced cases of MF with some success.

Best Paul

This is the link I was thinking of

Better link

Thanks for the update. The long-acting interferons do seem promising. Should I need to resume medication for my PV, that would be my first choice. I would want to consider ruxolitinib or a combo as well. I see you posted a link on that topic below. Thanks for that too.

Hydrea worked very well and quickly for me few sideffects manageable by taking before bedtime. I was taken off due to macrocytic anemia which they thought was due to HU. Off HU for almost 2 yrs. - still anemic now classified as post et myleofibrosis. They will eventually treat w HU.

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How many years did you have ET? How old are you? Thanks

Thanks for posting this, Paul. It seems that there is increasingly more research and consequently more options for MPN's which is heartening. I appreciate how you consistently share what you find with us.



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