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Holiday insurance


I've been phoning round today For holiday insurance we are currently with staysure.

My husband has post PV MF I've. Explained this to them they want to know own his blood counts but he's changing to ruxlitnib in the next few weeks so all his current bloods will be different once he starts ruxlitnib.

Can anyone recommend reasonable insurance companies.

Many thanks Tracey

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You could try World first or All clear.

Both are pretty competitive.

Hi Tracey - Travel insurance is also a problem every year - we have used AGEUK for the past few occasions or you could try Travelinsurance4medical have used them also

Try Recommended by Which and their list of standard conditions included MPNs. Reasonable price for a trip to Europe last year. If you can it might be better to wait until your husband switches to Rux. The blood results might well improve very quickly. if you tell an insurance company about an imminent switch in medication they may well think your husband is a greater risk. Good luck and have a great holiday.

Hi Applesnpears,

Thanks for that tip re Get Going. I’m just getting quotes to renew my annual policy. I’ve always gone with Stay sure, I tried All Clear which was more expensive than the Staysure one, but GetGoing have not loaded the policy for my PV or Rhumatoid Arthritis. Amazing, I’ll save £70 by going with them.

Thank you


tracey13 in reply to piggie50

We've been with staysure for quite a few years now.

I have been too Tracey but a saving of £70 ( on their best level of cover ) has convinced me to move to Get Going. I done it all online and they haven’t asked for blood counts. Worth a try.

tracey13 in reply to piggie50

Who did you use for your travel insurance?

piggie50 in reply to tracey13

I’ve just changed from Staysure to Get Going, there is no lading on my PV or rheumatoid arthritis.

tracey13 in reply to piggie50

I will give them a try. Thank you

I use Travelinsurance4medical all the time. My Mpn, diabetic and heart attack and stent. I have just tried Get going out of curiosity for my upcoming trip and it was double. Hope that helps.

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