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I was diagnosed with ET 3 years ago, and it has been well controlled until recently. I’ve felt like I have flu and have had bouts of diarrhoea and feeling very nauseous. The results of last week’s blood test show that haemoglobin, white cell counts, neutrophils and HCB are elevated, but platelet levels are reduced. Hydroxicarbamide dosage has now been increased and seems to be working as I’m not feeling so bad, but still feeling pretty ill first thing in the morning. Am booked for another blood test in 3 weeks time. The problem is that I have a flight for next week to stay at a friend’s place in France for a week, and I’m not sure if I can cope with the journey as it’s quite early in the morning when I’m feeling at my worst. I have insurance that covers for ET but not sure if it would cover for flu like symptoms, nausea or diarrhoea. Does anyone have any experience with claiming insurance in these circumstances?

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I don’t have any experience on claim from my insurance. Your insurance should cover you, assuming you didn’t have these symptoms at the time you took out your insurance. You might need a doctor to agree, you can’t travel in the mornings. Most insurance companies have a helpline. You could ask the question. Good luck.

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Thank you. If I haven’t improved by the end of the week I’ll take your advice and phone the help line.


Hi Jan, I am sorry to hear you have been having these problems, I hope that you will be ok while on your holiday, I am sure it will do you good. With regards to your insuracne covering you for flu like symptoms, diarrhoea and vomiting, I am not sure, you will have to ring them and check, as you will need to put it into some sort of context, i.e. that you are worried you might be hospitalized due to the diarrhoea or vomiting, or that you might miss a trip you hve booked and paid for, that sort of thing. And you should also take with you the EHIC card, which is free, and covers you when you are travelling in mainland Europe full details are available on our website

have a lovely holiday. Maz

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Thank you for your advice and good wishes Mazcd. Only a few days till I go away now. I do have an up-to-date EHIC card. I’m staying with a friend who has a place in France, so I’m not too worried about when I’m actually there - she knows the ropes. It’s being ill on the journey that’s worrying me - the bus to the airport and then the plane - both at the time of day when I’m at my worst. Will just have to see how I feel when I wake up on that day. It’s variable at the moment.

Hi there MIA offer insurance specifically for chronic illnesses.Brilliant look them up

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