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Circus career over πŸ˜„

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The new haem wanted to investigate why I had been anaemic for nearly a year despite the iron tablets I'd been on for ages. So on Sunday I had the joy of the camera where the sun doesn't shine and also down into my stomach. (They rinsed it under the tap in between πŸ˜‚ ) Anyway it seems I have a sliding hiatus hernia! Probably had it for years.

I was told to be careful when bending and if I happened to be upside down my stomach contents may come back up. Just when I'd got a job as an acrobat with Cirque de Soleil too. 😱☹️ So I've told them I can't take the job. πŸ˜‚ Also got to be careful of tight clothing so that leather basque will have to go back as well. 😳

I also have diverticulitis, which is probably what is causing the anaemia.

My platelets have fallen to 272 from 425 in the last 5 weeks so maybe my Anagrelide will be altered when I go back.

The results could have been a lot worse as both my parents had bowel cancer and my father also had stomach cancer (he lived to be 86 though)

Lizzie πŸ˜„

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That made me πŸ˜‚ Lizzie

Shame about that circus job and am assuming you are not a gymnast either.

Glad your results were not sinister although a hiatus hernia can be very uncomfortable at times.

Looks like the anagrelide is working for you and just requires tweaking

Take care and stay upright xx

Hi Lizzie hope you start to feel better soon x that made me laugh xxx take care xx

Hi Lizzie, sorry about your circus job but glad there’s nothing worse to deal with. Kindest regards Aime xx😹😹

Hi Lizzie

I empathise with your sadness for your lost circus career.

I now have to take EPO ( the same stuff that Lance Armstrong, the disgraced cyclist, took to enhance his performance in the Tour de France) to boost my Hgb levels, so sadly I’ve had to give up any cycling aspirations for the next olympics. Ah well.

You seem to have good doctors looking after you.

All the best


Aw shucks. No aerial hoops. And no leather basques. What has the world come to? (Have say my middle one recently started circus skills work - the hoops leave horrible bruising on the back of your legs, rip your hands apart and she threw up the first time she spun on the silks so maybe you’re better off upright with your feet firmly on the ground.) Sorry to hear your litany of woes. Glad that you appear to be getting sound advice. Look after yourself. And no β€˜bend and snap’! (That was a cultural reference. OK, it was Legally Blonde. 😁).

Hi Lizzie,

So pleased for you that the results of the internal photo shoot showed no cancer. Sorry though that your promising career as a circus acrobat was nipped in the bud! A sliding hiatus hernia sounds almost worthy of public display in its own right... it appears to have acrobatic skills all of its own! The planning Department of Our local City Council probably does what many such august institutions do when they have time on their hands and employed an "overseas expert" to re think traffic management and parking allocation, "diverticulitis" would have been a most excellent word to describe the resulting chaos!

All the Best,

Peter xx

I live on a small cul de sac, we get about 3 cars a day on the street. However health and safety demanded traffic lights when the water company dug a hole in the road! Nobody took any notion of them, including the dustbin men πŸ˜„

Oh the delights of Health and Safety. I think they must make their rules in a padded room behind a padded desk, and write with edible pencils on non-toxic paper! I wonder if the water company were the same lot that have been digging up our village and replacing water pipes since about August last year? They have been here tunneling so long that I suspect they may have broken through to your side of the world!

It's possible! The hole was dug, barriers put round, then eventually the hole was filled in without any work being done in it! πŸ˜„

That must be it! :-) No wonder it has taken them so long from this side!

Tweaking! Sounds lovely, makes me wonder how much anagrelide you were on if it took five weeks to drop that much. My wife started hydroxy @ 25th July with platelets at 1900, then around fthree days later the dose upped to 1500 mgs a day along with anagrelide 1000mg a day and 1,2ml of clexane. After her blood test yesterday at the clinic her platelets are now 60 so all clexane, hydroxy and anagrelide have been stopped! We wondered why she was able to cough up blood clots! And have bruises all over her body! Seems the consultant knows very little about "tweaking"

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lizzziep in reply to jointpain

I've been on 4 capsules a day for a couple of years and my platelets have been between 380 and 550 in that time. This big drop is unusual but they're waiting to see if they've altered next month before changing the dosage.


Glad your alright though xx

I have ET and through same tortuous path (checked that cameras didn't shake hands in the middle!) confirmed I have diverticulitis. I had this many years ago, but apparently it never goes away and I have found that my stomach can get quite severe cramp pains, especially if I have certain foods - peanuts and, most recently, tomatoes seem the worst. I eat porridge which helps.

Could have been a lot worse though as I also have Mastocytosis and I didn't want that to have spread to the stomach.

Good luck - I think I might still have a chance as a lion tamer - or the exploding car routine!


Love your take on life!

Hope things improve for you now they know what they’re dealing with.


Hi Lizzziep

I hear the Cirque de Soleil are extremely disappointed that you were unable to join and they are apparently really struggling to find a replacement. ;-P

Hope you managed to find yourself some suitable alternative employment and are otherwise well!!

I'm thinking of becoming an MP, the long holidays and high salary seem very attractive. And you can claim expenses for ridiculous things!

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