Flu Jab

I went for my annual flu jab today at my GP surgery. I know it's not a live vaccine but I always check just before they jab me. My own GP knows me very well but I saw a different Dr today. Conversation goes like this...

Me - it's not a live vaccine is it?

Dr - I don't know.

Me - I just wanted to check as I have a MPN

Dr - what's a MPN? !!!


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  • Glory,Hallelujah!!!!! What next...maybe try a vet? Xxxx

  • Ha Ha Sally. You're right, I think I would do better there.


  • Hi Judy, every sympathy, at my last haem appointment the dr didn't have my notes!!!

    Hope your okay after jab, my hubby was fine but I had a sore red arm and have been feeling a bit yuck for a few days but definitely better today. Still better than the real thing!

    Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

  • Hi Aime, mine always comes up red, hot and sore for a few days so I'm quite expecting that. But you're correct far better than getting flu.

    Hope you are well

    Judy x

  • Quite concerning Judy!


  • Hi Judy. Dear me, maybe a little Mpn leaflet dropped into surgery with the Docs name on. Still at least we are well informed, thank goodness again for our wonderful site.

    Hope you are keeping well, still not seen you at RD&E, cos we are there on different days.

    Regards Sandy

  • Thanks Sandy, what a good idea!

    I am at RD&E this Tuesday coming. I normally go in the afternoon but this appointment has been changed to the morning so I am wondering who I will see?

    I have been so busy with the puppy, but let me know when you are next there and I will try and get there to meet you for a cuppa.

    Love Judy x

  • That would be great Judy, I go on Wednesdays we must try to meet. Lucky you with a puppy, makes you get out walking, hope he/she is coming on well.

    Sandy x

  • He's doing well thanks. Nearly six months now and still full of beans! Message me a couple of weeks before your next appointment and I'll try and get there.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Xx

  • That would be fab . I will. You too.x

  • Are you both Devon based? We lived there for 25yrs before coming to Fr.Sally....does it still rain a lot!!!'

  • Hi Sally,

    I'm in Exeter and Sandy is Torbay. I guess we get our fair share of rain. We certainly have this summer! Where did you live?

  • That is soooo frustrating, I got Maz to send me some leaflets so that I gave to my GPs as I had the same problem a few years ago. Now not only do I get a reply even from the nurse, as to no it is not live and that I will not be able to have the shingles jab when I reach seventy as that is live, all a bit to much information, but I now do not have to que anymore with lots of other people they make an apppointment with the nurse for me when there are no other people around, as they worry that I might pick something up all to be on the safe side. So maybe that is what you need to do, put leaflets under there noses.

    Jean x

  • Good idea Jean, the queue today was out of the surgery doors and halfway to the gate!

  • Yep that used to be the same for me, and no disrespect to the other patients, I cannot go down the line to say please do not cough and sneeze or have you an upset stomach as I do not have a very good immune system, and at long last my doctors appreciate this, it also turns out that I am the only patient at my surgery who has ET, and the doctor that thought I had something wrong has now retired and he was amazing, so god knows where I would of been.

    Would it not be nice if our GP surgery’s had a bit more training on how to spot these rare type of cancers, so that we did not have to stand in a que with loads of other people when the jab only takes a couple of seconds to risk an infection.


  • Hello everyone

    Please can you give me some advice as you all seem to know quite a bit about this.

    I have ET but as mentioned before I don't think my GP has a clue about it. He's just referred me back to the Heamotologists because I haven't seen them for years.

    I also have diabetes so am offered the flu jab every year but refuse because I don't think I need it (probably daft on my part).

    If I decide to have it this year, what is it that I need to check? Something about it being live?

    I regularly get shingles but have never been offered a jab for this??

    Thanks in advance everyone x

  • Hi Dora1971,

    If you take Hydroxicarbamide as I do, this is a chemotherapy drug and so lowers your immune system. When I stared taking it over four years ago the specialist nurse said I should not have any live vaccines due to the low immune system. The flu vaccine is not a live vaccine so is ok. When my daughters take my young grandchildren for their usual jabs the nurse always asks them if they come into contact with anyone on chemotherapy, they then advised that I should not change the children's nappies or wipe noses for about 3 weeks. I asked my nurse if I could do this with rubber gloves on and she advised no as what comes out in their urine can be airborne. My daughters are aware of this now and don't let me anywhere near their nappies.

    The immune system is lowered from taking Hydroxicarbamide not from have ET or PV.

    As far as I am aware the shingles vaccine is 'live' so anyone on chemo should not have this.

    Hope this explains a bit.

    Best wishes

    Judy x

  • Thank you so much Judy x

    All makes sense now. X

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