I have PV Do I need the flu Jab

Hi I have PV and take (Clopidogrel and hydracarbimide daily). After reading the link here I contacted my GP with regards to the flu jab, especially since I'm just recovering from a 2nd chest infection in the past few months. I was told I didn't meet the criteria so wouldn't be considered due to shortage of the vaccine, if I'd asked 4 years ago would have been given it. Crazy really because I wouldnt have even considered it back then. You can pay for the vaccine from boots but still dont know if I should have it or not.

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  • Sorry I don't the answer. I was going to ask the same question as I have PV too.

  • My response to a similar question a few weeks ago: "After being diagnosed PV nearly 20 months ago, all medico's without exception advised having the 'flu jab. ......especially if you've been prone to respiritory infections....."

    hth ;-)

  • I just booked my flu jab yesterday and looked at the criterion set out at my surgery one of which was taking chemotherapy which would be covered by the Hydroxycarbamide. Another was risk of strokes heart attacks etc which I would have thought you would be, not certain as I have ET but that does come into this category as well. I would check with your NHS trust criteria for issuing the jab.

  • Hi

    Also had my 'free' (such perks!!) yesterday. Yes you are entitled. The standard info' criteria leaflet includes people on Chemotherapy treatment. The nurse asked me what my criteria was and when I said 'I have MF, on Hydroxycarbamide and low dose aspirin' she said 'I think thats a good enough reason as any'. We dont get many things free in life, so take them when you can!! Keep your chin up :)

  • Hi, I have had the flu jab, free, for the last 4 years. I was advised that, because our immune systems are lower due to the medication, that we are more vulnerable to flu, and so advised to get the jab each year. Apart from the first year, when I felt awful for about 10 days, I now have no side effects but do avoid flu!

  • Thanks for the replies will see about booking one at boots chemist when I finish my antibiotics :)

  • I get the flu jab as I'm a diabetic. However, two years ago with the swine flu scare my GP insisted I had it as my white cell count was either just in or just below the normal range. So perhaps you should review your white cell count and if appropriate tackle your GP again.

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