Aspirin and ibuprofen

Hi im new to ET and on low dose

aspirin. I've just had gynae surgery and havw been taking co codamol and paracetamol

for pain.

I also suffer from arthritis in 1 of my knees and have in the past taken ibuprofen or naproxen forthis but have read that these could interfere with aspirin. I stopped them as soon as started on aspirin .. does anybody here take these together?

Thanks Tara

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  • I avoid nurofen if I'm taking aspirin. Have to make sure I have stocks of paracetamol in! Suggest you talk to your haem about drug interactions and get some advice on your other medications. Plenty of people here with experience of arthritis so I'm sure there is good advice coming up!

  • Hi ladydriva,

    You should not take ibuprofen or naproxen with aspirin. They do not stop the aspirin working but they can cause a stomach bleed. I have RA and used to take ibuprofen regularly. I must admit I do occasionally take them still but do not take my aspirin (I actually take clopidogrel) that day. You should speak to your GP for some other pain relief. I also take Lansaprozole for a hiatus hernia and this also protects the stomach.

    Best wishes


  • Hi, have you tried volterol for the joint pain, I find this helps with my sciatica.

  • Voltarol is a nsaid the same as ibuprofen. I would not take this at the same time as aspirin.

  • The quantities in a low dose asprin and a gel applied externally has got to be better than taking ibuprofen tablets. This will depend on the pain you have.

  • Sorry, I didn't realise you meant the gel. Yes I agree, gel is better than ingesting tablets.


    A brief outline of interactions between aspirin and ibuprofen. Hope it helps.

  • Hi if you are ever worried about what medications/tablets you can or can't take with other medication like Aspirin always ask your GP or the local pharmacist they will always be happy to check for you. Maz

  • I get bad migraines, and period pains, and need ibuprofen to shift them. I was told by pharmacist at at Guys that you can't take at same time, but could, for example, take aspirin in morning and ibuprofen in evening. The trouble is, it isn't always easy to predict when you will need to take a stronger painkiller.

  • Thank you all for the replies...I've just heard via 1 of the haematology nurses who sooke to my haematology consultant( not an expert in ET/MPN's) that it would be ok for me to take brufen/naproxen "occasionally" im

    not sure how occasionally tho or if to take so many hours after aspirin or if to trust her advice! She's lovely, but a 'basic' haematologist working in a local district general.

    im being referred to a MPN specialist so maybe i'll manage the pain n wait until then ??

    Tara x

  • Hi Tara, please post what you get advised - I have always used ibuprofen as a pain killer and my haem said I could continue occasionally with the aspirin, I forgot to ask about it when I was started on hydroxy but when I asked the chemist he nearly had a dicky fit and said no way - then had a think and said it would be ok if it was only once or twice a week!! Getting totally mixed info so just not taking anything other than my prescribed low dose amytriptiline (I don't tolerate paracetamol) - I would like to hear what your consultant says. Best wishes amhann.

  • I am on 75mg aspirin daily and still use ibuprofen occasionally for headaches and other aches and pains.

    I’ve read that occasional ibuprofen use is ok so long as aspirin isn’t more than 75mg daily.

    I guess we should all follow our own doctor’s advice but that’s tricky when it’s conflicting with other information..!

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