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Fun day in Egham please support this event!!!!

Fun day in Egham please support this event!!!!

Through my Harley Davidson bike club we are doing a fun day next Saturday on 22 July in Egham.

All the money raised will be for MPN voice for rare blood cancers.

THE EVENT IS ON BETWEEN 1.30 to 5.00 at 278 Stroude road EghamTW20 9UZ

This event is for friends & family but as all MPN patients are friends and I am sure want to help us raise money for this worthwhile charity for research.

We will have two tombolas one bottle & gift. Plant stall, cake stall, a super raffle , children's games ,stocks , tin can ally,, craft stall, bbq , pimms, teas & cakes. A floristry demo. The Yo valley van with a DJ and frozen yogurt ice creams will also be in attendance for a few hours.

And last but not least lots of beautiful Harley Davidsons motor bikes parked for you to take photos of. BUT Between 2.15 to 3.30 they will be doing some games to watch and it's all good fun to watch.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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Sounds like a great afternoon entertainment there and of course the works of art on display will steal the show. I would love to attend and my wife would clean out my wallet on those yogurt ice creams. Unfortunately we are just too far away (and at a wedding !), but I hope you have a fantastic day and raise a good amount for a most worthy cause.

Cheers Chris


Thanks Chris I hope some MPN patients can come along to support the event.

I have to have a bone marrow transplant at Kings next month, so arranging this has helped to get my mind of what lies ahead. I have been quite passionate about fund raising. My husband did the sky dive for MPN last month and raised over £2170.

Like you said in one of your posts we are cured after the transplant and no longer have an MPN. A strange thought as it's been a big part of my life for over 15 years And you feel a part of the MPN family.

Annette(softail) xx

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WOW Well done your hubby for raising such a tremendous amount and having the courage to strap a parachute on, gee I would need some incontinence pants to go with it.

Yeah I'm glad you get where I'm coming from re the MPN as I lived with my 'little friend' for many years and would have carried on doing so if it behaved itself.

I know we all find our own way when faced with such a step into new territory but if you wish to ask anything before, during or after please don't hesitate

Annette I wish you all the very best for your transplant journey and wish it or I were closer so I could pop and visit but they may not let me in of course.

Chris x


Thank you for your kind words Chris. X


Hi there, I too have Mpn (8 years in September) and local to Egham, have also posted the link on my Facebook wall for all friends and family to see, hoping to pop down and wish you the best of luck, am planning a roaring 20's gatsby ball in the future, so watch this space. Best Wishes Anita.


Actually 9! Years this year! Still remember the day I was diagnosed 😕


Hi did you manage to come along in the pouring rain!!☔️☔️💦💦sorry if you did I did not get to have a chat. Annette


Hi Annette,

So sorry not to have got to the event but son rushed into hospital in Guildford so Max and I were there yesterday afternoon. Gosh it did rain though. I bumped into Louise in Walton on Friday and we would love to see you together sometime in August if you could manage it - see what happens.

Best wishes,

Linda x


Those of you that would like to know our fundraising day on Saturday for MPN voice , this was in the pouring rain we still managed to raise over £2000 for MPN we got very very wet.

We had to set up on Friday and take it all down on Sunday and guess what Sunday was a dry day.

We all had great fun and the club members and a few members of the public did come along.

Annette x


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