September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and we want to ‘get the chatter going’ to raise awareness of MPNs, and are asking if you would like to hold a coffee morning or afternoon tea party during September to raise awareness of MPNs and raise funds for MPN Voice.

Invite your family and friends around for a lovely cup of coffee and cake, which you can make or ask them to, or hold an afternoon tea party with sandwiches and cake, and ‘get chatting’ about MPNs, the funds you raise will be used to support people and their families who are affected by MPNs which we do via our website, regional patient forums, newsletters, peer support programme, the online forum at HealthUnlocked and also, to fund studies which we hope will one day find a cure, so your support is amazing.

If you would like to hold a coffee morning or afternoon tea party please email to request your free September Blood Cancer Awareness Pack, which includes an authorization letter to hold your event and raise funds, posters to advertise your event, a recipe sheet with a couple of suggestions for yummy cake, flags and balloons to decorate your table and collection boxes for the money. Don't forget to put your address in the email when requesting your pack.

We would love to hear all about your coffee morning/tea party so please tell us and send us photos.

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  • Sounds good Maz, I like cake too. Aime x

  • so do I Aime, too much unfortunately!! x

  • Hi Maz how do we get posters and info to hold our own coffee morning. I will do one in my own home. Very excited I also love cake & love to cook too.

  • Hi Darcey, if you email Marilyn will send you a pack which has posters in it with spaces to write the date and time, and all the other things you will need, apart from the coffee and cake. Thank you so much, we appreciate it. Best wishes, Maz

  • Have sent off for my pack - now to look for non fattening cake recipes!!

  • As far as I am aware YogaLover all cake is non fattening. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway, and I believe me! Thank you so much for taking part and supporting us, send us some photos of your cakes. Maz x

  • Silly Billy I Don't think you need bother, my good lady wife assures me that modest slices of chocolate cake have no calorific value whatsoever ... . And I know she never tells a lie. . . . . . .

  • I don't think I have heard of a 'modest' slice of chocolate cake, is there such a thing? Maz x

  • Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants! Bring on the cake 🍰🍪🍩🍫🍮

  • Hi Maz, would it still be ok to have the cake get togetherness in October? I am a bit whacked just now after hubby being in hospital and also being off work for op myself? I have 2 weeks holiday in October and could make a better job of it if I leave until then. I don't want to do a half hearted job! Aime xx😺

  • HI Aime, yes of course you can, it doesn't matter when you hold your event, it'st just really nice of you to do it for us. Hope you and hubby are feeling ok. Maz x x x

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