Watch London Forum live online

I am excited more than 100 people with MPNs are registered to watch the July 24th MPN Voice London forum live. I will be your "reporter" for the online audience, and you can submit questions now to or send them to Maz at MPN Voice. There's still plenty of room for viewers. And if you will be at Guy's Hospital in person I look forward to seeing you! Seeing you gives ME, as an MF patient, hope. And maybe I can do the same for you! Here's the link for online registration:

5 Replies

  • Wow I hope I can get an autograph ,sounds like we are going to meet a celebrity .better get my roots done ,how about you all ??

  • Not me! Claire Harrison is the celebrity.

  • Do I email Maz to get on line Andrew? I will be abroad at the time so can't come but would love to see it if at all possible. So sorry I won't get to meet you, Twinkly and many others! X

  • No just go to and register there.

  • Is there a 2016 forum planned? If so can we register online again? I care for my 92 year old mum so definitely cannot go down to London but desperate to hear what is said.

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