Hi all twinkly here ..new knee news !!

Hi all twinkly here ..new knee news !!

Hello everybody out there ...I'm back twinkly here .iv been recovering from a total knee replacement surgery ,but I'm better now ! I managed to stick to my healthy eating all the time I was in hospital .i took strawberries and fresh blueberries with me ,my friends fetched me fresh fruit and juice on their visits ..my recovery was good I'm now walking normally again ..swelling all gone .i missed the driving for a few weeks ,I live isolated with my dogs so need to use my car .i had my ruxulitnib every day while having the surgery .since coming home I saw a new specialist for artheritis .he told me he can give it in severe artheritis cases .Thats quite a breakthrough I reckon ....twinkly !

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  • Violet it's lovely to see you and your smiley face!! x

  • Hi chelle how are you ? Iv missed our contacts ,,what you been doing ?

  • I'm ok thank you. I have been over on the Liver pages a bit more than this one. My PV has taken a back seat...well it shouldn't have seeing as they are doing a further BmB to confirm there thoughts that I have now moved to MF. Anyway, I am still waiting on my liver transplant and hoping I get 'the call' soon. It's wonderful to see you and hear your positive news. So often we get bogged down with symptoms, anger and sadness that we forget life is for living and you truly are the representation of that! xx

  • Hello Twinkly, Yes, good to hear you are better.Lovely picture. Love Gill

  • That's me judging recently ..beautiful dogs from Tibetan monastery's ...big mastiffs ,. Love that breed .

  • Good to see you back Twinkly - I think catwoman2015 will be pleased, she was enquiring about you a few days back.

    Start sending us some of your 'thoughts for the day' again, they were always interesting.

    Bye for now


  • Great to see you back Twinkly xx

  • You look great, glad your new knee is doing well, my half knee is good too. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺

  • Great to see you back Twinkly, missed your posts. Glad all went well with the TKR Lovely picture of you, and what an amazing dog, bet he needs a lot of looking after.


  • Welcome back Twinkly I missed your positive messages. You really do look well. Best wishes. Janice

  • So pleased you are feeling better. I need new knees myself. I was told a while ago that they wouldn't even consider it until my platelets had been level for 12 months - that hasn't happened - yet!

    What a gorgeous dog, I love big dogs, actually I love all dogs but definitely prefer big dogs!


  • Welcome back Twinkly. Great to see you looking so good. Karen x

  • I do hope we have a semina .or some kind of get together this year at Cambridge or Essex or London . So I can travel to meet up with you all again ..I'm beginning to walk longer distances so I'm able to travel ...

  • Hi Twinkly, We were all saying recently we missed you and wondered what was happening in your life. So glad to hear things went well and you're ok. Katie

  • Hi there Katie ,I'm so pleased to hear from you all .iv got myself logged out for a while .but if at first you don't succeed ,I tried again ..been busy here in the country ,rearing a litter of 7 tiny poodles this springtime .seem to be busy as ever ....be well !Xx

  • Welcome back Twinkly, was happy to see your post , and that knee op worked for you . your looking in tip top shape lovely photo of you all . best wishes Holly

  • So lovely to hear from you & im so pleased your recovering well ,

    You will be doing the London marathon next year ,

    love the dog what a beautiful specimen, you know me , love a furry friend ,

    Take care

    Love Pam x

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