Off I go Friday for surgery to replace my knee ,,

Off I go Friday for surgery to replace my knee ,,

But I'm staying on my ruxulitnib all through it .just stopping the clopiterol for seven days before the surgery ,,I decided it was safest to go private ,the NHS hospital has problems with bugs I'm told !! My MPN is under control as my regular blood tests are showing ,,so fingers crossed I'm ready to rumble !! Love to you all twinkly 💜

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  • Good luck for Friday, hope all goes well for you, will be thinking of you. Maz x x x x

  • Good luck Twinkly - come back all starry-eyed for Christmas!!

    Hope someone will take your lovely dogs out for a walk whilst your knee is healing.

    Bye for now


  • Good luck, you will be fine and we can compare knees after! Kindest regards Aime xxx😺😺

  • All the best Twinkly for Friday, funny thing was I had mine done on a Friday, and was out on the Sunday.

    Will be thinking of you,

    Jean x

  • Good luck and best wishes to you Twinkly.

    Love Judy x

  • Good Luck, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    My husband had a full knee replacement just over two weeks ago. He also had his done privately. At the consultation the specialist did comment that they haven't had one single case of MRSA. That was particularly reassuring as he's on immunosuppressants.

    Mary x

  • Good luck Twinkly, hope you will soon be fighting fit. Karen x

  • All the very best Twinkly, will think of you on Friday. Do make sure you don't rush the recovery, take your time and all will be well.

    Linda x

  • All the best, hope you're out walking those doggies again soon! x

  • Good luck for Friday - hope it all goes well.

  • Good luck will be thinking of you hugs xx

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