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Important info on hydrea

Hi everyone this attached document may help with info on Hydrea long term possible side effects. I have printed this out and keep it in my handbag in case I end up in hospital as many doctors are not aware of the unusual side effects you could get.

I have had an impacted bowel many times which further aggravates my enlarged spleen (ended up in hospital as they thought I had a clot in the spleen) so keeping hydrated with plenty of water making sure you eat fruit, more so in the morning, the fermentation can aggravate your bowel at night. Slippery Elm powder and ready made Kefir can help ease any ulcers and gas in your GI tract and bowel. Raw beetroot juice can provide you with iron, vitamins and minerals and has cleared skin rashes (within 2 days) I have had from being on Hydrea for a very long time. Have a glass of water before you have the beetroot though. Avoid Kale as this can thicken you blood.

Hope this can help!

I can't seem to attach anything so will give you the address to look up hydroxyurea monograph 2013 the document goes through every part of your body that this drug can effect so very helpful for the doctors.

Cheers Monique ET 2004, JAK2 neg, CALR +

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Really interesting Monique, as you say though no attachment and no address to look up either are you sending this separately or have I missed something? Thanks for reminding me I must grow some more beetroot this year!! Regards Sue


Hi thanks! I dont seem to have the ability to attach anything through this site, must be doing something wrong i will try to work it out.


Hello Monique! Would love to hear more about your findings on Hydrea. Just on it since Oct 2016. My issues are constipation and weigh gain. Normally 123... I am now 142. I weighed this when I was full blown pregnant. Please post any website info please.


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