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Face and Feet hot but not red

I'm ET, I am starting back on medicine (even though expert says I only need aspirin) local hematologist says its ET and I need meds, only because for the past three weeks I get this overwhelming feeling of warm/flushed feeling in my face almost like I'm hot, it starts in my neck and goes up to the face but also my feet feel Hot uncomfortable hot, not red it is almost like the feeling you get when your sunburn then the next minute I could be chilled. Numbers are no different then what they had been for months so I'm stumped. Thyroid TSH was on the lower side 0.544 on a normal scale of 0.450 - 4.500 uIU/mL. but local says normal. Just cannot figure it out since I have had the same numbers in the 800's for a year and nothing like this happened. I would get the flushing of the face maybe for a couple days but then it would go away. The only other thing was sugar was low (I'm not diabetic) 69 but local says that's ok. Thanks all and Happy New Year!

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My TSH is 0.17 but I'm purposefully suppressed ( kept hyperthyroid)by endocrinologist because of my history of thyroid cancer. I got the sweats when my TSH dropped to .05 or was undetectable. I've been getting itchy red hot ears for a week. What's going on?!

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I had a similar experience with a strange hot feeling in my head and feet before my ET diagnosis. My platelets were 700. As soon as I started to take HU it stopped, Winni


Hi Mickey64,

Not sure if this is any help, I have ET and occasionally have a really hot burning feeling in my feet. My consultant said it was called erythromelalgia, which is a side effect of the ET.

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