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Hi I was diagnosed with PV 2 years ago. Recently I have been experiencing extreme hot flushes to my face. My face goes bright red and then it feels as though it is on fire. After about 2/3mins it calms down. Not a nice feeling at all. I mentioned it to my consultant asking if this could be due to me having PV he said he didn't think so!! Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Yes, I get extremely flushed in the face especially when I am close to venesection time. I have PV. Not nice, I know. Every sympathy. Aime x

  • I had a venesection yesterday, will take notice if the burning subsides. Thank you

  • I was diagnosed with PV 7 years ago and have had these sudden flushes on and off ever since. At first I thought it might be the menopause but couldn't understand why it was just confined to my face. I always dread it happening on social occasions as sometimes it passes off quite quickly but other times it can last for a while. My consultant also just shrugged when I mentioned it so I assume it's not listed in typical symptoms.

  • Suzanneh I also get the flushes but all over. I am constantly hot, but sometimes these " flushes " can last for ages. At 67 definitely not menopause. I have asked to see an endocrinologist to rule out anything to do with the hypothalamus which can control the body temperature. ...If that gets rules out then its time to put it down to the unwanted visitor we have. It seems a lot of those typical symptoms Suellj like the burning, itching, ect are not being taken seriously by some consultants. I am very lucky with mine.

  • I don't think some consultants do take side effects seriously. I was suffering probably 1 year before I was diagnosed with PV, with aquapruritus. I still suffer with it but take antihistamine tabs daily so I can shower and bathe. the burning to my face has only just started.

  • Hi Suzanneh, I was diagnosed with PV about a year ago and I remember my haemo making a comment about my "ruddy complexion" the first time I saw him so surprised others dis-missing it! Sometimes worse than others. Good luck with it.

  • Feeling better that I'm not on my own. Knew it wasn't the menopause because I have been through that! It just happens when you least expect it.

  • Hi Suzanneh. This has not happened to me in about a year, but I used to carry a bottle of Vitamin E spray from the Body shop and spray my face instantly, it seemed to help cool and soothe the flushes. I hope this helps. Mel

  • Thank you, I will try that. Going into town this afternoon.

  • Hi Suzanneh , I have et and suffered with red face and burning for years, really sympathize , as soon as I was put on loratidine antihistamines it really helped a lot, still get a flare up every now and then but not all the time . Good luck , and hope you find a solution .

  • Thank you

  • I used to have red face and palms of hands when first diagnosed,all gone now since Hydrea meds,except for one patch remaining top of left cheek bone,which sometimes is very red and sometimes not! Defies all moisturisers,will try the Vit E spray

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