Update on my 12 wk check up

Update on my 12 wk check up

Hi just to report in on my latest appointment my last reading of platelets 431 , Now 386 I'm delighted the 1 extra tablet per day paid off , I know that may not seam high But I'm classed as a high risk due to a TIA ,so consultant wanted it under 400

It's a great feeling being classed as Normal

( funny my kids don't think that ) 😜

I'm having a lot more sweats & aches , hoping it settles down soon ,x

Hope your all keeping fit & well ❀️

The Picture is me in Portugal 1 week ago

I had a lovely Break with hubby x

Love Pam x

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  • Good news Pam!

    Lovely pic - Ah holidays, bliss!

    Judy X

  • Thanks Judy ,x

  • Looking good Pam, glad you had a lovely holiday it will certainly give you the boost we all need from time to time.

    It seems the same to us all that we all look in fine condition,'how can you be ill' is a comment I often get, I suppose that's the joke on us all as it stop's us bemoaning the fact we often feel crap at times. Anyway you DO look fine, keep it up girl gives everyone a boost. June

  • Thanks June , yes we are a unique breed us MPNers ,

    just wish we were better under stood at times ,

    Take care of yourself

    Love Pam x

  • Hi Pam

    You are looking great I love the dress and there's nothing like a good holiday .

    Pleased that you are 'normal' my kids would be the same if I was ever told that which is highly unlikely lol .

    Hope the sweats and aches settle down soon .

    Helen X

  • Thanks Helen your very kind , yes a holiday sure does lighten the mood ( as they say ) 😜

    My dress was from Sainsburys lol Β£22 I recall ,,

    It give me a good feel factor when I were it , I love Bright colours ,

    I pray your Normal one day , 😜 & prove your kinds Wrong ,

    Take care love Pam x

  • Congratulations on your platelet count! I love your dress, Portugal sounds like a lovely vacation destination. Very glad for you. Hope the aches and sweats settle down. Are you on hydroxycarbamide? All the best, very nice to read such a happy post.

  • Thanks Jeanr your very sweet ,

    I feel nice in that dress , got to love a Sainsburys buy 😜

    Yes I'm on HU 11 per week

    The sweats are getting worse I'm sure it's the HU the more I take the the worse they get ,

    Never mind I'm not complaining they keep us ticking ,

    My pains are in my legs My GP said loose 2 St and come back I've lost 1 St for me NOT him & it's still there probably worse , I must go back and see a different GP next time ,

    ooo yes

    Portugal was amazing I loved the culture & the cakes lol

  • Hi Pam really pleased about your count. You do look fab in that dress, so glad you enjoyed your holiday.

    Karen x

  • Hi Pam thats good to hear. loved your holiday photos by the way ! and you do look very well ,by the way my children have never thought of me as normal haha ,hope your sweats and aches eases best wishes Holly x

  • Thanks Holly I do love a holiday to give us a lift ,

    have my two girls to help me with my fashion ,πŸ’„πŸ‘ x

    Hope your ok x

    Pam x

  • Hi Pam

    That really good news re your platelets. So glad you had a good hols. It's a smashing picture and luv the dress. Red is one of my favourite colours!

    I am part of the "normal" club now too, at least platelet wise! Still getting sweats though too, wish there was a cure for those they are a pain. Take care Lizxx

  • I too love the dress! My platelets have been around 386 for a while, I still got the odd night sweats etc, I take 16 x 500 mg HU per week. Hopefully you'll feel as good as you look soon!


  • Thanks Karen , Holly, Liz, lizziep , seams like Sainsburys is becoming fashion icon lol ,

    Lizziep how do you function on 16 HU

    I struggle with 11 ,, brain fog do get it ?

    Keep fit and well ladies ,,

    Love Pam x

  • Hi Pam,good news ,your platelets going down.Funny thing I do not understand ,is that mine are well in the normal range,but H CT remains high,51at the moment,hence I am on 18 H U per week....3-2 -3 and so on.the day after I have 3 ,is not good and actually sometimes I am in a fog....so frustrating.Think your hols did you good,relaxed and chilled out,you are looking very well,just seen post,we have had Internet probs,maybe because the two poles carrying our lines have collapsed and lying on the Chemin leading to the house!!!Manyana here,so no chance of France Telecom fixing anything for some long time!!!Keep the good work going x Sally

  • Hi Sally , Wow !!!!

    I couldn't get my head off the pillow taking 18 HU , 11 is more than enough for me , my brain fog would be zilch -----

    Not sure what HCT is ?

    My holidays were fab lots of food , drink & relaxation 😜 just a memory now tho , I'm finding it hard to get back into the swing of things , glad it's Friday tomorrow nice weekend off , x

    Take care

    Lov Pam x

  • Its's hematocrite Pam,the red blood cell count,we are meant to be under 45 ,.....

    Have a good weekend.We have to shop today,cupboard bare....first 2days without sciatica.....new tests next week,fingers X for lower result and less Hydrea,I do struggle to keep going at moment. XxS

  • I am very happy for you. What meds are you taking and how high is a dosage?

  • Hi gosiab in on HU 11 per wk Clopidogrel blood thinner & statins , ,

  • Wow Pam you look luvverly & amazing! Hols, for me, aren't a luxury but a necessity. Your experience echoes mine- except for the 11 Hydroxy doses-mines 5x2 a week but the blessed sweats (mostly late evening & bed) are a nuisance. It's the heavy legs which are getting me down - they feel like a couple of tree trunks wading thru treacle by end of day. But dunno if it's the statins I've been put on after my TIA back in May πŸ˜• I do know however I can't carry on like this & my meds need to be looked at so gonna check in with my GP first. Stay well & warm. Much love, Poll x

  • That's interesting!!! When I use the ampersand on the new Health Unlocked app, it tells you I've used it!!!


  • That's so funny Poll, I had to try it for myself. & I'm OK!

    Judy X

  • Hi Poll it's lovely to hear from you X

    I'm sad to hear your suffering with the heavy leg league it's a dam nuisance I know exactly what you mean ,

    Thank for you lovely words I had a wonderful holiday & would definitely go back there , your so right it's a must us MPNers need to recharge regular ,

    Mind my husband says I'm on a permanent holiday ( how rude )

    You've lost me on the Amp joke lol !!!!!

    Hope you get relief from the heavy leg league & the dreaded Royal flushes X

    Take care Love Pam x

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