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Changed my hospitals ,

Changed my hospitals ,

Hi my lovely's  it's been some time since I've discussed changing 

To a MPN Specialist , well I've done it , 😜

I discussed it with my haematology department & it wasn't a problem to them , I am waiting for a referral some time soon ,

I hope I've done the right thing , hubbys not to happy about it 

He says they've kept me fit & well for 3 yrs now , Why the change of mind , 

Well as you all know my new status being a Nana , it got me thinking , I want to stay well for as long as possible (as we all do)

But it only hit home since my grandson came along , 

That I want the best possible care for now & long term 

So I'm hoping I've done the right thing ,   

I thought you'd like to see my little Prince 💙

Who wouldn't like to stay around this little guy 13 wks today Carter James , I love Hume so much xxxx

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He's gorgeous Pam 💙

I'm so pleased for you - let me know how it goes with the new hospital.

Lesley xxx

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I will do Lesley , it's been a long hard decision , but a few things I've not been to happy with , so heard great things about the new Haematologist team , 

I hope your still enjoying the sunny lifestyle , X we must meet for coffee very soon X 

Take care 

Pam xx


He is beautiful. Good luck with the new hospital.

Karen x

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Hi Karen  little Carter has given me a new meaning to Life ❤️

I hope your keeping well & I will keep you posted how the new hospital goes ,  xx


Lovely picture! Good luck with the new hospital team! X

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Hope you have decided the right thing,I thought you had good care.but I do agree,to see a more knowledgeable specialist will be more peace of mind,Carter is growing like a scallion(that's Yorkshire!),lucky you,lovely little boy.x


Lovely pic Pam,hope all goes well with new hospital x keep up good work xx,


well done you, I am sure you can expect as good as or even better treatment under your specialist, I know I did.   Now......can I have a squeeze pleasssseeeee.  You look amazing as a nanna, I thought he was yours!

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Hahaha I take that as a compliment thanks , he brings the best out in me X 

As for the New hospital can only be better,

 they forgot my appointment 3 time had to ring up , 

I lost all faith in them X

Hope your keeping well 

Pam x


He's totally lovely!  Congratulations on your new status!  I hope the new team move goes well, I think you are right - we need to seek out the best care to live the longest.  I'm exactly the same I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow.  Keep us posted.


Awwww thanks Jeaner

They Change our life , I'm so greatful for being given this beautiful little boy he's amazing 

Just what I needed to pick me up 

I'm hoping to get me in depth care , 

I don't want to seem ungreatful for the past 3 yrs of good care 

But now it's different I have reason 

To get the best care now 💙 

It's not like I've gone far both hospitals are on my doorstep 

And not sure about anyone else but I never got to se my consultant 

Was the Pharmacy ,

i will keep you updated with my new hospital visits , 

Big thanks to you for replying 

Take care 

Love Pam x


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Hi Pam,

What a gorgeous little boy, no wonder you love him to bits!

Great decision! I decamped to an MPN specialist almost three years ago and never looked back. I have a three hour round trip to Manchester from Windermere but it's worth every mile.

I was in the care of a local haematologist who was very good at his job too, and completely dedicated, but I never felt that he really knew as much as he could about MPN s particularly PV.

I put all sorts of info his way particularly re MPN voice and patients day for professionals, but he wasn't interested.

You won't regret it.

All the very best.



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Thanks Louise I really couldn't imagine life without him ,

He's brought to much love to us in 13 wks beyond belief 

He's Nana's little Prince 

That's good to hear your change was worth it , I hope mine is to 

I've heard lots of great things from this Hospital it's only 10 mins drive from me ,(( Bonus ))

They forgot 3 appointments I've had to ring to remind them ,

Must sign off now 12;30 am 

Take care 

Lov Pam x


Well done Pam hope the new hospital works well for you and of course the gorgeous Carter is great motivation to be in the best of health .

I love the way you love him so much it's great to see xx


Hi Pam , well i think the decision you have made is GOOD ! I never thought of this , and totaly agree with you ! mainly because although heamatologists know there stuff , its seems in my view  right to  find a MPN specialist , should be available for us all ,if need be or we feel disatisfied , especially this cancer is fairly rare and lots people havent a clue what it is , You go gal and do what you feel is right , your body , your life love Holly xx

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