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Well platelets have gone down .. slightly from 964 to 931... so that's good. Still on asprin and the haematologist was very reassuring. Simply I continue as I am and stay fit and healthy... if only it was that simple.

So I concentrate my efforts on sciatica which I'm still on the sick for. Lots of physio and more appts. It is getting there but have had to pay for private care as still waiting to see the NHS specialist... crazy.

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Pleased your counts are down a bit. I'm waiting for an appointment with the pain clinic, regarding my arthritic knees, my "urgent" appointment was 4 months away, so I said I would pay for a quicker appointment - the only one available was a week before the NHS one! I'm retired so it doesn't affect work. (Although I say I can't do housework with bad knees😂😂)

Hope you're getting pain relief with the physio.

Best wishes



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