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Travelling abroad with ET


Hi there, my mum has recently been diagnosed with ET and been put on a relatively low dose of HU. She's 71 but still likes to regularly travel abroad to places like Thailand and Bangladesh from the UK - she's pretty worried that following this diagnosis she'll have problems getting travel insurance, so she asked me to ask all you lovely people if anyone's had any experience with getting travel insurance and travelling with ET and if so, any tips or recommendations?

Thanks from both of us!

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Go online and use Staysure they insure ET with no problem and very reasonable 😀

I use Staysure, always found them reasonable. My premium is loaded because I fractured my elbow 2 years ago, nothing to do with my PV. Tell your mum to wear flight socks, don’t drink alcohol on the flight and stay well hydrated. She will be fine.

Best wishes

Judy x

Hi. That sounds like a really long flight. I’d encourage you to clear it with her doctor. If s/he thinks it’s ok I would take these precautions which are recommended for anyone taking long trips. Do some good walking around before boarding and after deplaning. Have her wear prescription strength, super strong, compression pantyhose. In the U.S. it would be 30-40 strength. And also to do ankle, leg, and arm exercises while in her seat and getting up walking as much as possible during the flight. She’ll want to know where she can get good medical care if necessary at the places she’s staying. Should be fun! Katie

I have done severaon Long haul flights to Thailand etc. I’m 60 with ET on HU and when first diagnosed and platlets were high I had to inject on way out and back to thin blood plus wear flight socks etc. Last time I went platlets were normal but doc still advised injection to be in safe side . Also wear high factor sunscreen as HU can affect skin in the sun.

Get advice from the haematologist what’s best.

I also use Staysure very small premium.

Hope your mum enjoys her hols.

Hi. Staysure or MIA also good. My hosp consultant says flight socks for all over 2 hours, I wear them on all length flights though! Move around as much as possible. Happy travelling Mum x

I am with the Co-Operative bank and have an account which includes travel insurance. I told them I have PVR and there was NO increase in premium. Again as others have said walk as much as possible on the flight and drink lots of water. Have had no problems flying UK to USA and Barbados.

Hi, ive had ET for 10 years I'm now 46, when I was first diagnosed I was due to fly to Gran Canaria and my plateslets were just under a million, my Dr wasn't happy with me flying but eventually said yes and prescribed me a blood thinning injection to take before the flight, also had to wear flight socks. Since then my platelets have dropped to around the 450k mark and I've flown to Thailand 3 times and other shorter flights, my Dr each time has said I'm fine to fly with no injection although I still wear the socks. With regard to insurance I pay a £30 premium on top. Ask your mum to just check with the dr beforehand and enjoy wonderful Thailand. Justin.x

I’ve had ET for 25 years and have never had a problem ( or a claim) with my holiday insurance.

I have had ET among other illnesses for 25 years now. I have never had a problem getting travel insurance. I go to Turkey quite a lot also USA and various holidays in ireland and Europe.

Hello Spearsey,

I was diagnosed with ET last year and put on 2x500mg Hydroxy. In March 2017 I flew to Portugal for one week. I got insurance online with InsureandGo, I declared ET and all the website asked me if I have had blood clots. No I haven't, the insurance was only about £2 more expensive than without ET.

In November I flew to Brazil for a 2-week holiday. Again InsureandGo wanted to know if I had had blood cloths. That is all. So you could go online, do a mock-up enquiry and find out that way. By the way, the holiday in Brazil and the long haul flights went without a hick-up.

Have a good Christmas!

xx Searcher56

Keep hydrated, we have just renewed our insurance.

It is yearly.

Use flight socks.

My consultant stared that I should have a letter from him, to explain the diagnosis if you need hospitalization abroad.

Keep the team in the loop.

Don't go off piest without advice.

Good look.

Hi,I was diagnosed with ET in march and we went to Spain in June i choose Freedom insurance no problems at all and there was no extra charge at all.


Hello this information on our website will help you both


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