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Aerobic Exercise and ET

I am ET JAK2+, 62 years old female diagnosed in November 2016. I have lost 3st in weight and still want to lose at least one more stone from my waistline. I have been going for walks and doing a yoga routine daily but the weight is not shifting, so I decided to bite the bullet and add aerobic exercises to my fitness routine. I must say I feel better for it but lately I have been a bit headachy when waking up in the morning. The headache goes as I get up and drink water and eat breakfast. Also I have been craving for sugary foods. Before I managed with very little sugar. Of course it could just be natural to want to have carbohydrates after exercise but all the health advice these days is against sugar. I try to have maple syrup and honey instead of white sugar. Anyone else have ideas on exercise.

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Hi Searcher56, I am new to this site. I have found that since being diagnosed my need for cake and biscuits holds no bounds!!! I am not too overweight but could probably lose half a stone. Stopped my exercise recently due to my fingers and hand numbness and tingling. Was referred to National Exercise Referral Scheme by stroke nurse but currently on hold. I tend to want to eat more of anything after exercising unless I get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water. Well done on your efforts to lose weight - keep at it and stay well!


Hey Searcher56 & Holly... :-)

Welcome to the MPN Voice/HealthUnlocked web site .This is an awesome community, and people are really so very thoughtful & always help where ever they can...

I am MF and on Jakafi, and at times I really struggle to keep the weight off. In my case, I started w/ an intense workout regime, and soon learned that I had to tone it all down... 'Quite a Bit'. I was doing too much at first, and causing myself more problems than I wanted, however, I do also want to lose as much weight as I am able without going crazy about it...

I found trying to stick to a low carb 'keto-genic' diet worked for a while but whenever I am unable to keep my exercise routine consistency, my weight generally creeps back up...

I have also stopped all alcohol, low to no added sugars, and I really do try to avoid anything processed as they usually do contain hidden sugars in one form or another... In my case, it is still a struggle but I just keep trying to persevere...

Best wishes & please do let me know if you stumble upon some ancient hidden recipe for weight loss that really works... ;-)




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