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Bone Marrow Biopsy after SCT

I read everywhere that standard practise following a SCT is to undergo a bone marrow biopsy (as a reminder my SCT was following a syndrom including myelofibrosis) - my post-tranplant consultants say that since all my counts are good (white, red, platelets) and my chimerism is at 99.9% it is obvious to them that my marrow must have regenerated and that it is not necessary to put me through a BM biopsy.

Anyone else had this sort of experience?

Thanks for the heads up.


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Yes. That is the same view of University College Hospital, London. The only biopsy I had was to confirm the diagnosis back at the start. Not aware of any of my UK SCT buddies being treated any differently.



sounds like a positive success from what you say. So happy for you. ❤


I agree with CrazyDaisy.The Consultants are probably of the view that it has been a positive success, and do not want to put you through any more invasive procedures than is absolutely necessary I would have thought.

Good Luck



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