Bone marrow biopsy pain

I had a bone marrow biopsy last week very close to the middle of my hip area. It was a horrible experience. I was given something to relax me which didn't really work. It was the most painful thing I've ever done including child birth! I have a high pain tolerance but that was awful. I'm now having issues sitting or standing for long periods of time. It feels like something happened to my tail bone. Oh one other thing, he was pounding the biopsy "tool" into my bone. It seemed very barbaric.

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  • Yep, I found my first one pretty much the same, it was by far the worst thing I had ever experienced. My second was done in a different hospital by a much more caring person, however it still reduced me to tears, rather than the screams during the first one !!

  • Hi Coco, what you describe is awful! Was it done at a place where they do a lot of them? Mine was also very painful but I don't recall anyone pounding it in but it was 4-5 years ago and I may have forgotten. There have been many discussions about BMB on this forum you can look at. I recall some did have pain for weeks radiating down their legs and in other areas where the needle hadn't gone but the nerves were being affected. I'll keep my fingers crossed your pain goes away soon. Also, a person who was learning observed mine and she was then going to perform them on her own as she'd observed the required amount. As a result of this I plan to do everything possible to be sure in future BMB I have someone who has performed a lot. Take care and take it easy until you heal. Katie

  • Hi! Yes he said he had done a million of them lol

  • Sorry you had a rough time Coco it certainly isn't the best of experiences. Like you I did have pain in the area for some time after, I guess it just depends person to person but don't worry it will fade, use a little hot water bottle on the area for a bit when it's particularly bad. Fortunately most of us don't have to have one too often and hopefully it will at least get you on the way to a diagnosis and further help with treatment. All the best.

  • Hi Coco. Yes I have had four BMBs the last one was the worse, I'm not a wimp either, but they do hurt , I did gas and air on the latest one, which did take the edge off , rather like a couple of gin and tonics.! Paracetamol helps with the after pain. I have read some people have no problem with having them but it's so individual . it is the best way of the heamo getting lots of information , so we groan when told we need one ,but know it's an important tool in dealing with our condition .

    I hope your pain lessens soon for you.

    Regards Sandy.

  • Hi there, sounds just like my experience. I'm sorry it's still painful. I found ibuprofen and heat packs helped mine. Try not to sit for too long either. The pain will go! Ps I swore loudly during my biopsy - and apologised profusely afterwards to the poor nurses x

  • Omg, I was screaming! Lol that acted like I was a huge baby but at that point I didn't care lol I broke my tail bone when I was a kid and it sure hurts again.

  • Definitely agree with the 'worst than childbirth' comparison despite having had a doctor described as 'the best to do them' by several members of staff ( he has now left out local hospital and praying I don't need another one too soon). I had to peel off my fingers of the bed railings after as they had completely seized from the gripping the bed. I was ok with pain at first but then noticed I could still feel it when sitting down, particularly on sofas & car seats. I wasn't convinced on necessity of doing it as just like most of you I had been monitored for JAK2 for 3 years without any symptoms but it revealed smouldering myeloma which then unleashed another level of concerns 🙁. Hope pain goes for you soon

  • Update: after going thru all of that pain he didn't even get a full sample! Oh well, got enough that I found out I have PV. My doc was very disappointed at my experience. Btw, I told him never again! Lol

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