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Bone marrow biopsy

Hi all, I had my first bone marrow biopsy today. I was extremely anxious after reading lots on the Internet and watching one on you tube. I had gas and air and it really was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Slightly painful a couple of times but a few deep breaths helped. My leg was aching afterwards but taking paracetamol for that. I just wanted to reassure anyone else who is about to have one.


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Glad to hear you had gas and air. It would have made it more bearable if I had been offered it but wasn't. I hope your result is in your favour and be rest assured that whatever the outcome you have friends on here.




Would agree with you. Have had a few now and the first was the worst which was the only one done by my consultant. Admitted I always take some codeine before and I find it helps to have my wife there to hold her hand during. Last one I alarmed the doctor and nurse as I got cramp on the side they were doing it just after everything was removed so I was moving my leg in pain to their confusion but we all left laughing.

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Hi, glad it wasn't too bad for you. I wasn't offered any pain relief either and I think it woud have not has been as bad it was if I had been offered gas and air. I would never have another one without something, preferably sedation!!


I ha a bone marrow in march this year and wasn't offered anything. I sure could have done with it though. It's so nice to be able to chat to fellow sufferers Although my disease is primary mylofibrosis. And most of you have et or PV the symptoms seem to be uncannily similar will pray for all of you


I had a one done in 2011. The consultant kept applying more and more local anesthetic as he got nearer the bone to the point I couldn't feel any pain, just the thought of knowing what he was doing was uncomfortable.

Told me to rest for the rest of the day and take paracetamol for the pain.

It was fine and had no issues.

So if you are about to have one, don't be scared as long as you have some form of anesthetic for the procedure.


I had a BM prior to treatment for CLL. The worst part was listening to the woman screaming during her BM, prior to my own. When it was my own turn the junior Dr failed to get samples and gave up after 20 mins? A more experienced Dr succeeded fortunately, next time I will ask who is doing the BM.


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