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Servers migraine

Just had a big shock still recovering. I had a violent migraine attack which I couldn't control using medication. Ended up calling ambulance and going you hospital. I have had a stressful week and my platelets have risen to 961. I found the ambulance lady ok but very clinical and no warmth. I think she thought I was making it up. Hospital was OK. But sitting in a waiting room on your own is very upsetting. I felt so alone.

They eventually sent me home .. well I was told I could go . So I did. No one checked to see if I was OK getting home.

48 hrs later I still feel so weak. I'm tired and feel as though I can feel permanent pain in my head. Feel like a fog has descended. .I have Et and take asprin daily . I'm 52 . What's next. Feel really low about it as though I'll never get well.

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Hello Heather, sounds awful, you should discuss this with your GP and your haematologist, so that they are aware that you have had such a bad migraine attack and to see if they can perhaps prescribe some other medication for you. Hope you feel better soon, Maz

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I'm 54 with et and the same platelet count. I've started getting dull headaches to accompany the dizziness I get.

Sounds like you had a bad turn and I would advise taking maz's advice. It's not an easy illness to deal with as outwardly we appear fine and I swear some people think we're faking it.

Hope your feeling better soon. Ian.



You will get well, but it does knock us back when something like this happens, take some time, get out in the garden today with a good book in the warmth and relax. And as Maz said see your GP about it to see if they can do somnething else for you.

Hope you feel better soon


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I had 4 days of extreme brain fog/ lightheaded feelings that landed me in the ER last week. Couldn't find anything wrong else wrong except for high platelets. It was very scary, I feel your pain. I was sent home and strangely enough the lightheaded feeling went away the next day. I hope you're feeling better. 👏

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Thanks everyone I feel better today just a bit strange in the head. I contacted the haematologist to let them know. I've a scheduled appointment in 3 weeks but said they may bring it forward. I'm just petrified it happens again. So I am thing it easy. Very easy and trying to remain stress free. I already have sciatica which has caused me to be off work . Not alot going for me at present !! I know things could be alot worse. Thanks


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Try to relax, work through all your muscles tightening them hard then letting them relax gently. Lavender oil, warm baths, less caffeine, anything to help you relax, so tension and anxiety doesn't start up another one.

My migraines left me tensed up, especially neck and shoulder muscles, ready to fight the next one. There seemed to be an echo of the last one for a few days, like an injury aches later.

I had anti-migraine medication, Sanomigran, for a few years, but the real cure came when I started on betablockers for raised blood pressure.

Now I get the pattern of flashing silver lights for a couple of hours but no pain. Some people with ET report having these silent migraines.

I hope you feel better soon, sciatica is just miserable.


Hello Heathermc how are you feeling now hope your migraine gone or a bit better I have them so know the pain and fear they bring hope you can rest and have a good week end best wishes Poppy 6060


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