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Update on problems at work


Well it's been about 5 months since I posted about my problems at work.

To refresh my manager pulled me in for time off and to tell me I wasn't entitled to payed hospital visits. I followed some of all your helpful comments , joined a union produced a helpful information leaflet for my manager to put in my records. Since then we have had another new manager start (5th in 2 and a half years). So found myself explaining PV all over again, she promised me that she believes in looking after her staff. OK I thought maybe this time! Well within weeks of her being in charge my shifts had gone from 2 a week to 4 a week. More pressure was being put on all staff from the higher beings. I found myself struggling so approached manager who said ok we will drop shifts to 3 a week. OK I could try that I thought! After constant phone calls on my days off to cover shifts , and shifts that were so stressful going home in tears because I hurt so much I spoke to my other half and he said that's it give your job up. My reply surprised me and him, ok I said and handed my notice in the next day. I left work last week a tearful goodbye from my colleagues and residents. What of the management well they were nowhere to be seen and nothing was said from them.

So to wrap up my rabblings I feel so much happier my children are happier and my other half is happy. I loved my job !!!


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Hi Nettie, I am so sorry to hear that you had all these problems with your employers, but it seems you have made the right decision. Enjoy your time now with your family. Best wishes, Maz

Hi Nettie! Sorry for your troubles at work, but it sounds like you are doing OK. Do you live in the US? What kind of work did you do? It’s a shame that your job couldn’t accommodate your situation, and seems like the union should have gone to bat for you.

Glad you are here on this forum where you will get lots of support.


Nettie22 in reply to BonnieJ

Morning Bonnie, I'm in UK I was a carer working in the Dementia household in a care centre. Thank you for your reply

Nettie x

Hi Nettie,

how appalling that you have had to end your employment in a job that you so obviously enjoyed. I’m not surprised however that you didn’t receive the support that you deserved. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case for many people with health issues.

At least as a family you are now much happier! You can also use this time to re evaluate your life. If a return to work is likely in the future, use this time to carefully consider what options are open to you for a less demanding career.

Mary x💐

Well done Nettie22. I was in the same position in July 2017 when I retired on the grounds of ill health and I’ve never looked back since.

I loved my job too but it got to the stage I was driving nearly 500 miles in 3 days and I was sore, exhausted, struggling to concentrate. Guess what since I held a road safety post with the Council, they couldn’t comprehend why the situation was dangerous!!

I left without so much as a card but so glad I did it now. I can put my family first and as my health throws spanners in the works, I don’t have to worry about being fit for work. Enjoy! Kindest regards Aime xx😻😻

Nettie22 in reply to Aime

Thank you aime, must admit it was heart renching to leave a lot of tears on my side and the girls I worked with. I did struggle with the thought of how little they were prepared to help to keep me there. Considering how the care sector struggle to get staff and keep them. Anyway onwards and upwards now I can spend time with my children who can now have my full attention and doing jobs around the house when I have good days,sleep in peace when I don't.


Hi Nettie. Sorry to read your story. Employer's don't realise that although we may look fine on the outside it is what is happening within our bodies that is the problem. It sounds as if you have made the right decision though, as the last thing you needed was the additional stress that this situation must have caused. Like you I am lucky that my other half is so supportive and understanding.

Best wishes going forwards.


Hi Nettie, so sorry to hear that you had to resign from your job, it seems so unfair that some companies treat staff without any thought regarding health issues especially when it is a job that you love, look at it this way it is their loss. You can now take time to relax and not worry about anything take time for yourself, and when you are ready and more energised just maybe you will go and find yourself a part time job that you will love again.

Jean x

Hi Nettie

I add my regrets to you for the way you’ve been treated by work. And that you’ve had to leave a job you loved. But it sounds like you’ve done the best thing. Taking care of yourself is very important as is your family. Go well

Tough decision but clearly the right one. Enjoy your new ‘space’. I feel sure other employment opportunities will come along in the future that feel good and right. Sometimes we need to step back (even if that’s done with an unwelcome push from others) to realise what our priorities are. Wishing you all the best.

A major life changing descion. Time to destress get some quality time with family.What did you do? Maybe you could, when you feel ready go looking for something else. The positive side is that your husband could see what was happening and you’ve got his blessing.

Eire66 in reply to Wyebird

great minds think alike Wyebird we must have been typing together!!!!! Pat

Hi Nettie, you do sound really happy with your decision. Good on you. Down the line and if you want to you could always work through an agency doing the hours that suit you. That way you would have the best of both worlds. Good luck and best wishes Pat.

Stress is no friend to our conditions and I feel sorry that your employers were pretty useless and uncaring. Sometimes things happen for a reason and maybe it was time for some time for you and your family. Enjoy getting to know a more stressfree life for a while and as others have said, you may well decide to start somewhere else, if and when you feel up to it. Meantime enjoy your FREEDOM! (as us Scots love to shout)

Grace X

Nettie22 in reply to Mica11

Thank you Grace, you made me laugh with your FREEDOM comment.

Nettie x

However because you have a registered disability...a chronic illness, you can claim constructive dismissal and sue the company for putting you in that position. You have rights under the Equal Rights Act to be treated better than this. You are a person who is protected by it from incidents such as you describe.

Nettie22 in reply to JackLina

Thank you penelopemk we have tried looking into it. Because I didn't write everything down I'm not sure if I got any chance but we are going to give it ago. I will try and keep everyone updated.

Nettie x

JackLina in reply to Nettie22

You should be able to do this for free through the citizens Advice Bureau (one free 20 minute sessions with a solicitor, which must be booked in advance) OR the welfare rights office, if that applies to you. ATB.

MMMMMM sorry but constructive dismissal is not an option here - do son't get your hope us as it will only add more stress to your life. You will need to show robust evidence of your employers 'unreasonableness' and an intention to force you out (sorry for the awkward wording).

Not so. It is exactly correct but with the Equal Rights Act,

Hi Nettie

In New Zealand you would be able to take a case against your employer for "Constructive Dismissal ". Your employer has to act in" good faith" at all times and would have to consider your health situation at all times and take effective steps to implement the nessecary adjustments required.

If the matter got as far as the Employment Court you would receive significant compensation. £8/£9K.

By loading extra shifts without full and open discussion, full consideration of the facts (medical included) and consent from both parties they shouldn't have altered your shifts etc. Under the circumstances it was "unreasonable " for them to contact you pressuring you to take on addition shifts during your days off/leave.

In NZ you have 90 days to file a complaint. Talk to your union as I would think the legal side is very similar to ours.

The fact you resigned has no effect on your case. The employer constructed the situation so you had no choice.

If you don't stand up they will just screw over the next person in your situation.

Think about it and consider the others who come after you.

I am glad that you are so much happier but with a good employer it should not have been a case of you having to leave work to be happy again.😆



Nettie22 in reply to GuyMorgan

Hi, thank you for your reply. My husband and I are looking into chasing it up but because I was nieve and didn't really keep note of everything that was said or more to the point wasn't said but done I don't think I stand much chance. I whole heartedly agree with you if I can stop it happening to someone else which is what it's about in the long term I should try. Can't help feeling it will be fruitless. I know its a Negative attitude . I will get in touch with my union rep and see what they say. Keep an eye out for my next update.

Nettie x

GuyMorgan in reply to Nettie22

The law doesn't have unrealistic expectations of what you recorded at the time etc. Don't run yourself down on this one. You acted in good faith. You employer didn't. The proof is that in the end you believed you had no option but to resign. If they had acted properly you would still be working and doing your normal shifts. On the surface it looks as if they just wanted to get rid of you but had no legal or moral way to do it so just applied as much pressure on you as possible to force your hand and manipulated the situation to there advantage.

I will keep an eye out and good on you.

Nettie22 in reply to GuyMorgan

Your words have given me encouragement I needed. I do feel that they saw me as a liability especially as last year I was at work when I had a mini stroke. A big thank you to you again.

Nettie x

JackLina in reply to Nettie22

Witnesses. You will be judged in relation to your own condition. this is providing you made your employer aware. If not, then you can still try the constructive dismissal route.

Nettie22 in reply to JackLina

Hi, thank you again for all the bits of info. I made sure I kept everyone up to date with everything even provided an information leaflet. Every time a new manager started I made sure they knew.

Nettie xx

Hi Nettie

So sorry about your job situation, unsupportive bosses are the worst.

I agree that you might have a claim for Disability Discrimination, Failure to make Reasonable Adjustments and maybe constructive dismissal. Check you house insurance policy to see if you have Legal Expenses Insurance, if you do then just pop along to see an employment lawyer, most will give you a free 30 min consultation and they will tell you if you have a case or not and if you have insurance that will cover your legal costs then just let them run with it.

You can take the claim yourself but why deal with the stress if you don’t have to! Any evidence you have will be useful of course but don’t worry about not having notes. Pressure from you Legal team on the employer will probably amount to a settlement if they don’t want their errors publicised through the Tribunal. If they have messed up, their legal team will advise them to negotiate a settlement and you could end up with a couple of grand for your trouble.

The Tribunal will see from your rota/payslips what hours you were made to work, your GP notes and records will also provide the diagnosis and timeline of events. Employers have to be careful when dealing with employees with a disability and yes there may be capability issues but if you boss didn’t take notes at any meetings where you were advising them of your medical situation or invite you to attend OH for an adjustments review then this could go against them at Tribunal.

If it’s too much stress then walk away and never look back, but if you’re griped about it then by all means head for the Tribunal.

Best wishes

Kerry :-)

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