only February and yet another disaster

If you find this post full of mistakes then excuse me but I am fit to drop. at 5.30 this morning we awoke to such a crash. My poor old 92 year old mum had fallen in her bedroom and she was screaming out in pain. When I opened the door I felt sick to see her hand at an angle that shouldn't have been possible. The wonderful paramedics were so fantastic with her and once a little morphine was in her system she was happy as Larry. When we got to the hospital we were followed in by 4 firemen who were helping bring in a very large lady. The ambulance men were pulling mum's leg about fancying the firemen and at 92 she came out with "I'd have to take them one at a time but it would be them needing the oxygen, not me". I was mortified but the ambulance attendants were nearly wetting themselves. Anyway, they pulled her wrist back into position to set the break and let her come home. This is the second fall in a week so we are very concerned. I am so tired I can't keep my eyes open. Wish me luck everyone, I think I am going to need it xx

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  • What a great lady,gave me such a laugh !!I am guessing she is a tough Northener ,!!!Hope she is soon on the mend,you too,shocks and stress ,not good for us.Keep well.

  • I now the feeling. My 92 year old father had a massive stroke this morning and I just had a very painful BMB on Wed. Feel I am at the end of my tether I am so very tired. I wish your mu the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Thinking of you too. Aime xx😺

  • Sorry to hear your having a bad time, but there is always a funny side to most things. Thinking of you Aime xx😺

  • Know from experience, how brilliant (and funny) paramedics can be....! Only so sorry re the fall and the damage done and especially for this remarkable 92 yr old's exhausted daughter....loving thoughts for you both. Tinkerbell13

  • Bless your mum & hope you're both feeling better soon xxx

  • I love your mom!!!! Her answer was absolutely hysterical and I am sure it made the firemen's night...and give them a happy, fond memory!! What a wonderful character.

    Anyway, I am so sorry that she broke her hip...and I know this must be very hard on you... So please take good care of YOU... the drs and nurses will take good care of your mom... Sending you love and best wishes,


  • Your mother sounds like a great woman! I pray for her safety and health, and for you to get some rest!

  • Crackling line from your mum there...hope things pick up soon. I do agree when one thing after another happens its hard to beat the fatigue.

  • Your mum sounds like a lovely lady!! If you can't be a little outrageous at her age when can you. I do know how you feel though, sadly I have now lost both my parents but we had terrible times as they grew older and more frail.

    Hope she is recovering well and you are coping too.

    Hugs and Best Wishes


  • I just love people who find humour in dire times! I'm not always that good at it myself! Hope you are both feeling better now x

  • God bless your Mam ,

    I do hope nothing to bad come from her fall , I'm curious to know if your mams a Northener as Inca also thinks ,

    her humor is just like my mam would of came out with , ((I miss her so much ))

    Hope your feeling a lot better to ,

    God bless both of you xx

    Pam Newcastle upon Tyne xxx🌸🌺🌷❤️🙏 X

  • aye, we have lived oop norf for nearly 30 years after returning from Canada where we lived for 14 years. We are Teessiders and proud to be part of the the friendliest people in the UK. She's doing amazingly well. We bought a baby monitor that shows her lying in her bed and I can carry the parent set anywhere. Off to fracture clinic now. This is fun getting her to her chair life. Defo a snooze on the sofa this after noon zzzzzzzzzzz xxxxx

  • Awwww I just knew you were by your message ", God love you both ,

    I hope your mama is feeling better real soon , and she's lucky to have such a caring Daughter , a baby monitor is a brilliant idea x

  • its brilliant Phelpsy, it's got a colour screen in the daytime and it goes on to night vision at night so I put the "parent" control on my nightstand when I go to bed and if I hear her moving about I can just look to see if she is okay or hear her clear as a bell if she calls for me. Mind you, last night I kept hearing her moving only to look up to see her flicking the remote control of her tv at 1.30 in the morning. "Mother! Go to sleep". Was not good getting up at 6.30 after that to get her washed, dressed and to the fracture clinic. Anybody got any matchsticks free?

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