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1/2 Marathon here I come 🏆


 My Daughter & I are running for MPN voice in the Great North Run , 1/2 marathon here I come , started training Sunday , 

 I done a 5 mile walk in Cragside ( National Trust Park )

Training has Commenced 🏃👟🏅🏆

And it was a red walk meaning difficult & dam right hard work on the legs & hips , don't I know it today , but no pain no gain ,  

And my 3 month old grandson done it with me strapped to his daddy's chest , x 

A perfect family Sunday afternoon out .

I will keep you all posted , ❤️

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Well done! That's fantastic. Hope the training goes well and good luck. Karen x

Phelpsy in reply to Nickthedevil

Awwww cheers Karen very kind of you , I'm shattered after 8 mile well today , only another 5 more to gathere along the way 😜

Congratulations and well done Pam, fantastic! Yes please keep us posted, like to follow your progress. Admire you for doing this. Good luck. Lizxx ps the wee fellow is looking grand!

Phelpsy in reply to Liz001

Thanks Liz , 

I've been out today walking I managed 8 miles out along the coastal route ,such a beautiful day 

With my gawgus grandson isn't he Just gawgus X

Hope your keeping well X 

Love Pam X

Liz001 in reply to Phelpsy

That's great Pam. Keep us up to date with how things go. Yes your grandson definately gawgus, he looks a little smasher! Definately will sponsor you when time comes so you must post where we can sponsor you when that's set up. I am fine at moment thanks Pam. Liz xx

Well done! 😄

Well done! 

Good luck did it last year. Missed out in 2014, when my daughter and son did it for MPN. But ran it last year along with with my wife and son. Awesome event and atmosphere. All I would say is train hard as the hills near the end are a test for middle aged😄👍

Phelpsy in reply to MCWolves

Thanks MCWolves I will keep that in mind , ,I'm really looking forward  to taking part , I've always fancied doing it , thought why not for our own charity X

Pam x

Wow!  Pam I am soooo impressed.

I will sponsor you.

Lesley x 

Phelpsy in reply to Sand-Dancer

Thanks Lesley that's very kind of you X  


You and your daughter are amazing, thank you both so much, I feel exhausted just reading about your red walk!! Your grandson is gorgeous.  Maz x x 

Phelpsy in reply to Mazcd

Thanks everyone x , it's all for a good cause , it's my way of thanking MPN voice & all my lovely friends i have met  on this Anazing Site

 for bringing me out of a dark place 3 years ago ❤️,

I may not Run it but  I will finish the race with my daughter Adele X

I hope to raise plenty  Dosh for 

MPN Voice X

Love Pam x

Jolly well done Pam to even give it ago,please don't get over tired will be with you in spirit my brave friend Bon Chance ,Bon Courage!!!Sally xxx

Phelpsy in reply to Inca

Your so sweet Sally , Thankyou 

Your a lovely lady & you've helped me so much probably without even knowing it ❤️

Take care Muwha xx

Lovely photo.  Very inspiring the walk and the commitment.  I'll have to follow suit.  Good for you. Jean


Hi Pam you are amazing , and have a great family are you having sponsers, or something set up so anyone can contribute to this cause your running for,? I for one intend to donate if you could let me know what i need to do , you are such an inspiration to me personally , my diagnosis was 3 year ago also, but i dont feel half as brave as you my friend ,nor many others with MPNs on here Bless you and all the best for you and your daughter on Sunday xxx 👟⭐️



Well done and the best of luck!



Well done and good luck!

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