A little scared

Hi all, I'm scheduled to have back surgery next week. I'm okay about that - can't tolerate the nerve pain anymore.

What scares me is my detailed haematological plan. Off aspirin and warfarin, bridge anticoagulation with clexane and then unfractionated heparin. I have a liver blood clot already, scared I'll disturb my transplant liver - or bleed...need reassurance. PS My haematologist is so thorough and caring, not critiquing her plan...


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  • Hi Karol

    I hope your surgery goes well next week and that you have a speedy recovery, I can understand your anxiety about your medication, I am sure that the surgical team and your haematology team have it all under control and will be monitoring you closely, you will be fine, let us all know how you get on, good luck and best wishes, Maz x x

  • Hi Karol,

    What a scary time for you - I can relate to this a little as I will be having surgery later this year but you have a lot more going on with your liver and other factors. It sounds as though you have a great haematologist but it's still a frightening prospect to just hope that it will all go okay isn't it?

    I suppose you have to just trust that these doctors and the rest of the medical team are experts and encounter all sorts of people with all sorts of conditions every day. Just make sure you are kept informed at all times and that you feel happy that they understand your condition.

    Other than that - good luck for the surgery. Keep us posted when you feel able.

    Best wishes,


  • Thinking of, and praying for you.

  • Wow, thank you all for the good wishes, advice and support :'(

    I'll keep you posted and have to trust that the experts won't let me down.


  • All the best it is nerve wracking before any procedure when you have an MPN but sounds like you have a great time who have things well in hand and are very thorough - so all e back up you will need. It will soon be over and phew you can then recoup!😄😄

  • All good wishes, let us know how you do - you sound like you are well prepared with a good team. Soon you will have it over and you can recover, it is worrying though I know. All the best.

  • Sounds like the medical team are thoroughly prepared, doesn't stop you worrying, that is natural! All the best, let everyone know how you go on. 👍🍀

  • Oh love, you are going through so much right now. Please be reassured that the plan to remove you off the blood thinners and on to flexible is normal. I have had multiple surgeries, including a double mastectomy and gastric bypass surgery using this method and everything went swimmingly. Hope this has eased your worries somewhat. Good luck with the surgery, hope all goes well x

  • Wow. Back surgery is always a bit scary, but sounds like you are well informed and have a great medical team. That helps a lot. Hope it gives you comfort and that all goes well. Please keep us informed. Gail

  • Good luck for next week, I will be thinking of you.

  • I encourage you to have a family member or friend pay close attention to be sure you get put back onto anticoagulants as soon as you should. I went to a top U. S. hospital a few months ago and none of my docs had followed through. Only because I insisted that I was to resume did they listen to me. I say this to be helpful, not to scare you, but you have to be involved. Good Luck. Katie

  • Thank you Katie, I've learned from experience that one has to be very informed about the haematology plan. I'll be in charge as much as possible but when I'm unconscious my Mum knows the key questions to ask. Unfortunately my haem is in a different hospital; otherwise she'd be involved and I'd be less concerned. Thank you for your good advice; I know it's not to worry me ;-)


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