I did it!

This morning my final grade came through the post and I achieved "The highest grade of distinction with an outstanding overall mark of 96%". I will be receiving my diploma in the next two weeks whereby I will be known as Jillian Danson, MIACE (Member of the Institute of Animal Care Education). I sat and cried for a good ten minutes, don't know why, maybe it was fingers up to all those bullies who made my life hell or just pride at achieving something worthwhile while going through all this. I don't have many people to share this with so I hope you don't mind that I share it with my MPN family xx

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  • Good on you that is fantastic congratulations

    Well done to you

  • Marvellous Jilly,said didn't I you were an achiever,there is the proof!Jolly well done.It's a cheer up for us all when one of us does well in spite of the stumbling blocks of daily M P N life. Keep well now,and good luck with the next project .Sally x

  • You little beauty you ,

    And rightly so you need to shout it from the roof tops ,

    a double kick in teeth for the Bullies

    I hate them still in Adulthood they' continue But I will not Tolerate them now ,

    Hats off to you my Friend XπŸŽ“πŸ†πŸ‘‘πŸŽ“πŸ†πŸ‘‘πŸŽ“πŸ†πŸ‘‘ X

  • Thats great news, well done, a good reason to be proud of yourself. Treat yourself to a drop of something tonight.

  • thanks everyone, couldn't even get a congratulations or well done from my own mother so it means a lot

  • that is absolutely the most fantastic news. Well done. Time for you to celebrate. You never know you might miss the studying and wonder what you could do next!! Good luck and WELL DONE.. Bruddery

  • That's great news Jilly, well done to you. We are all proud of you Lizxx

  • Well done to you Jilly, love to hear good news.

  • Congratulations what an achievement and battling an illness at the same time.xx Aime 😺😺

  • Wow that's just plain amazing. What a wonderful achievement for anyone but for you battling fatigue etc it's.........sorry words fail me. You are one very strong, determined lady so happy to share this wonderful news. WELL DONE YOU.

  • Congrats! An amazing achievement! Wish I was there to celebrate with you.

  • Well done girl ! A great achievement and a good encouragement too of what can be done despite the fatigue of an MPN. Time to celebrate eh! Jill

  • Congrats Jilly! Enjoy your success and be proud of what you have done! You did this while many of us have trouble just getting through the day. I believe the tears you shed were tears of joy. Thank you for sharing this great accomplishment with us. Continued success in your next endeavor. Hugs, Harlie

  • Congratulations Jillian!!!!!

    Determination is a wonderful thing to possess! and of course being extremely talented as you obviously are πŸ˜€

    Lesley xxx

  • Well done,

    What an achievement, and a high mark. You should be very proud of your self, you have worked hard and have been rewarded. I am sorry to read your mum has not acknowledged your amazing achievement, everyone here is proud of you.

    Good luck,


  • Well done Jilly, that's a real achievement and you should be proud of yourself. Really pleased you shared your news with us. Karen xx

  • Well done, that's fantastic news. Congratulations. 😘

  • Well done, Jillydabrat! We all love good news on here so shout it out all you like. We are proud of you as we understand your difficulties xx

  • Well done, pet :-)

    Initially your posts re achievements made me annoyed as I felt this is merely a health-based forum. But, your comments re MPN family and how you've achieved despite obstacles made me feel guilty about my annoyance. Good for you and I, for one, am very happy to be part of your good news. Positivity all round!

    Now, when can I begin to ask for advice on my new gorgeous, yet slightly misbehaved puppy?! ;-)


  • Lol Karol, any advice on your new puppy will be gladly offered, probably through experience. I know how tough they are at that age.

    Sorry if my post originally annoyed you, it was never posted to offend or annoy, I just wanted to let people know that despite the fatigue and pain and hydroxy head that determination can win. I also wanted to give the two fingered salute to my bullies as well. I always felt an achiever but to have your spirit worn away by physical and verbal abuse at such a young age is a hard thing to endure. Gaining my diploma in something I am passionate about has eased the feelings of disappointment in myself like you wouldn't believe. Although this is a medical forum there are a lot of 'human' needs that medicine will never cover and the wonderful people on here have quickly become my friends and have offered support and encouragement whatever my needs. If you ever need to discuss non medical matters spleas don't stop yourself thinking it's inappropriate, we are all here to help one another. Sorry if I have whittled on. My doggy office is now open for advice lol. Take care my friend xx


  • What a lovely response, you have me in tears :'(

    I agree and so understand your point about human needs and not just health related stuff. You're great - and fingers up to those ignorant horrible people. Well done - from my heart X

    Scamper is a live wire, but a bundle of love


  • Well done you! πŸΎπŸΎπŸ‘ It's great to get good news on here instead of it all being about how the MPN's are affecting us. It's a fantastic achievement whatever your health situation.

    I am so pleased for you, although it does make me feel I should be out there getting something done myself!

    My parents were never good at praise, if that had been my mark in an exam my dad would have said why didn't you get 100%!

    Anyway about my dogs..............πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Thank you all so much. You all mean so much to me and I really do consider you my MPN family. The support and friendship from everybody on here is so amazing. I have left many sites because of the bickering and, sometimes, nasty responses to posts but this site has been a breath of fresh air. I really wish I could get you all in a room and squeeze everyone of you. Thank you Maz for letting me share my story. God bless you all. Now can I sign off for the first time as.......

    Jillian Danson M.I.A.C.E. lol that was weird

  • Congrats, way to go.

    Wishing you well

  • congratulations Jilly. It must be a real tonic after how bad you have been feeling lately. 😍

  • Very well done Jilly I am so pleased for you. What an achievement I should take a leaf out of your book but sadly can never find the motivation to study X X Kizzy

  • Well done, what a star and what an achievement. Shame your Mum cannot take joy in you being such a strong wonderful person. Sometimes when we perceive our parenting as lacking it can be good to mother yourself in whatever way feels best for you. Hope you enjoy your celebration because this achievement really needs to be marked. xx

  • Wonderful news - congratulations and well done. Do something really special to celebrate!!!

  • Congratulations jilly well done xx

  • I must add my congratulations to you for your awesome results. It goes to show what you can achieve when you apply yourself. Well done. Chris

  • Well done to you. There's nothing like that feeling of achieving. X

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