I had a brown age / cancer mark come onto my face .I started gently rubbing bio oil into it .wow it's fading !!

I had a brown age / cancer mark come onto my face .I started gently rubbing bio oil into it .wow it's fading !!

Need to use it after a warm bath or shower ,it's good on scars ,on sore feet ,the hard skin areas and sore heels .but I never used it on my face untill now. I was told they sell it cheaper if you have a pound shop close by ! I don't so I bought it in the health shop .just a tip for you all to share ...twinkly ....xx

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  • Gorgeous pups!Vitamin e oil is also marvellous for the red marks we get,from Holland & Barett,also the Body shop Vit e preparations are excellent for same and scars,rosacea too,struggled for ages with my skin,until finding these,now clear again.

    Best wishes Twinkly,how happy you look,good on you !

  • Looking good Twinkly! And the pups are gorgeous too. Great tip, I think it contains Vit E oil. I use Pure Vit E oil which I get from Holland and Barrett (like Inca) when on 2 for 1 or another offer, as not cheap. Really helps me too, with very dry skin patches and blotches which sometimes pop up on face. Liz xx

  • Thanks for that girls,my baby pups just 8 weeks old ,pure Russian breeding ,Georgia x Annushka.. As you can tell. I love breeding pups ...

  • Oh what cute puppies, you look good too Twinkly, I have been using the oil on my scar that I have after my Total knee replacement, working really well.

  • Pups and you both look great. Will try the oil, got plenty scars to practise on. Regards Aime x

  • I think I'll give it a try, we've got 2 pound shops about 2 miles away so I'll have a look there first. Beautiful dogs!! X

  • Great tip - oh those pups are so huggable. You look very happy with them and I am not surprised, so would I be.

  • Hi, sorry could I ask wot a cancer mark is, cos I have a brown patch on my face too, which seemed to just appear! I have ET jak 2+

    Thanx in advance xx

  • It's like a small bruise that just appears and never goes ,I have them on my body ,but it's not so bad as I can cover them up .Now on the top of my legs ,on my back ,some are rough like a mole texture ..But on the face is not easy to hide ,,I go to Clarins for make up and Clinique have realised us ladies need a cover up foundation .at night use vitamin "E" cream . Or I'm just trying Bio Oil ,,, it's got to be a side effect of our blood disorder ,no doubt ..but any suggestions to help us ladies deal with them is very welcome ..good luck wormwood ...let me know how it goes ,,,,twinkly. X

  • Thanx twinkly, mine must be an age spot then lol but at 52 didn't think they appeared that early lol, had it checked by doc who sed just to keep an eye on it, and if it changes or grows to go back.... It's getting bigger but not rapidly!

  • Smashing pic , , , my wife used to buy her bio oil in Home Bargains, was cheaper. . . Good luck with your beautiful dogs, , dunno if I said but had to pass my Staffy on to sis for few months, , she may not us back 😭xx

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