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Spleen reduction with Hydroxy Urea?

Hello all, 

Have a question related to HU and its ability to reduce spleen size. Has anyone used this medication for the purpose of spleen reduction.  Since my diagnosis of PV several weeks ago, I have symptoms related to an enlarged spleen (18.5cm) and looking for advise from anyone who has used HU for spleen issues and how effective was it. 

 Many thanks, Jay

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Hello Jay, I asked Prof Harrison, Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital, and she said, Yes it can be used for this and does work.  

Hopefully you will start to see a reduction in your spleen fairly soon.  Best wishes, Maz 


Thank you Maz. Greatly appreciate the information. 


Hey Jay...

I was taking HU for the past 8-9 weeks but it did not significantly reduce my spleen size and I have just changed over to taking Interferon for that very reason. I suppose I will need to give it a week or two...?

The fatigue & nausea I was experiencing was really depressing me, but in truth I suppose that there are other extenuating circumstances too...

I will keep you posted all the same.

Steve (Sydney)



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