Anxious, still waiting for a diagnosis

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I' ve had my third bmp, and the second with biopsy. The biopsy has not been analyzed yet, but the haematologist has done a microscopy. He called me last sunday, and told me that he was still confused. He said that he was going to have his colleagues to look at it. On monday, he called back and said that I should take some further blood tests (parvo, helicobacter and lysozyme (lyzosome??) ), as the monocyte count is a little bit high. 1,6 E09/L ((Ref value 0,2-0,8).

As I'm on prednisolone tapering schedule for Polymyalgia Rheumatica, (which I got last summer after pbeumonia) he's a bit conserned, as this might disturb the test. Thrombocytes are also very low. Many other countings are outside th reference area also.

I don' t know when all this started. I have Sjogren's Syndrome also, and I have had dry cough for many years. Therefore, I didn't react very much ehen the cough got worse last may after having attended an international symposium. But I went to the ECU at last, and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Since then, the blood tests have been all over the place. Waiting for a final result is driving me crazy!

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  • Oh Bittebitt. You have so much to deal with. I hope your Drs get to the root of your problems soon and get you some treatment .

    With best wishes to you . Regards Sandy x

  • Sorry I can't help you in any way except to wish you all the best and hope you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

    Best wishes


  • I hope the doctors find out what is wrong, and its something easy to sort out, good wishes. Jan

  • Hope u get it all sorted soon, every best wish. Aime xx😺

  • wow, it gives me a headache just looking at all that terminology, I just don't know how you understand it all! You will guess then that I can offer no advice but I do wish you the very best in your results. Please be sure to let us know, Good Luck my friend xx

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