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When I started on hydroxycarbamide a few months ago I immediately had a problem with constipation. I tried a few over the counter remedies with mixed success. A forum member suggested a Nutri Bullet. On Monday I bought the £30 Lidl version and began blitzing raw kale and other veg into smoothies. A daily half litre of green loveliness has proved very effective so far. Though I think half the quantity might do and some fine-tuning is on my agenda!

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  • Would you like to try my Treacle Cup Cakes? In a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water melt 2oz butter, 2oz black treacle (1 very generous tablespoon) and 4 oz cooking chocolate but (I'm currently experimenting with Mars bars). While melting de-nest paper cases and place on a large plate. When mixture has melted add 4oz plus of Bran Flakes, or All Bran or Fruit and Fibre and stir until fully coated. I like to add a good spoon of desiccated coconut here or you can add cherries.....Turn off the heat and spoon into paper cases over the bowl as the mixture tends not to go straight into the cases. When cool put the plate of cakes in the fridge to set. They are more'ish. Sue

  • Sound yummy, I'm going to try them! Thanks, Sandra

  • Hi Sandra - glad you like the idea! They are an alternative. I buy Dr Oetker's chocolate when on offer at Morrison's. Otherwise Tesco's own brand is good value. Every time I open the fridge door they are there...... try not to eat too many each day! Sue

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