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Had a couple of rough weeks ,broken sleep and severe indigestion..when I did sleep coulorful nightmare,s ,,,very red !

Had a couple of rough weeks ,broken sleep and severe indigestion..when I did sleep coulorful  nightmare,s ,,,very red !

But as soon as I called the nurse at the cancer unit at hospital ,She approached my special doctor ,who sent a prescription to the pharmacy ..Im so much better ,Im so grateful to my team ..I hope they realise how very grateful this old bird is !! Twinkly xx

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Oh you poor soul Twinkly. Hope you continue to feel better.xx Aime 😺


I'm doing good ,, sending kisses ,,,xxxxx. Twinkly


Sorry to hear that you have been feeling a bit rough these last few weeks, but love your little post made me laugh.

I also have been feeling ghastly these last few week, caught a cold from my grandson, then had the flu jab and it has wiped me out again, don't know about you but there are times when I think why can't I just be like other people normal with nothing wrong.

I have missed your funny posts, also wondering how JediReject was doing, as he is another who keeps us all going, you are both an inspiration to us all.

Glad you are back.



Come on our superwoman ...get back to that place ,,it's called super !!! Twinkly xxx


Thanks Twinkly, just a blip


Away to get my flu jab tomorrow, fingers crossed it doesn't make me feel yuk. Got to have cortisone jab in heel on Thursday, just glad I'm on hols. Take care, best wishes Aime xx😺


I will post an update Superwoman. . Sorry been a tad quiet. . X

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Hope all proceeding well for you JR - still think about you lots.


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Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell. Glad you have a good team to take care of you.mpleased you now feeling better. Love the cartoon, not unlike how I feel sometimes xx


Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather Twinkly. Your hospital team sound like a great supportive bunch. Love the pic.

Karen x


Oh Twinkly, last year I had a period like that and some meds prescribed have done the trick every since. Those nightmares ......awful!

So glad you are feeling much better. Are you getting excited for the wedding coming up?



Hey guys! It's me, I'm back! I've managed to break into this dratted site at last - keeps bumping me off, must be something I've said.

Glad you're feeling better Violet, you've got my number give me a ring next time you're awake I'm usually reading between 3 and 5 - we could have a party! Thank heavens I don't have to haul myself out of bed to go to work, there's a lot to be said for being an ageing bird.

Chris, how are you? Are you home? Is everything ok?

Not much news here, all ok, except I've got to have a bone marrow biopsy next week.

Oh lucky lucky me.

Still there are a few of you out there who know all about that so what the heck.

At least these clever folk are looking after us, there isn't a day goes by when I don't count my blessings.



Morning Louise ,,good to see you back ,

Sorry I'm really not interested in party's tho ,

I don't sleep daytime ,too busy with my active lifestyle .

I walk my dogs ,recently offered a writing job for our dogs

Newspaper column ..just started again after a break .

In training for big show at the NEC ,,first week in December ,

Perrys wedding next Thursday .with it's 50 s theme ...

Hope your bone marrow test goes well ..I dread them ..

All the very best. Twinkly. Xx