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High fellow MPN suffers, not sure if this will be of any use to us ladies, but I was told I had ET JAK 2 positive two years ago and take Hydroxy and Asprin enteric coated, also take Thyroxin. Well my nails were so thin and peeling to the point that they would not grow, so through sheer desperation I tried Bio Sulptures for a year this unfortunately made them worse until a friend recommended that I try DR Lewinn's RENUNAIl 3 STEP treatment for longer & stronger nails in just four weeks. IT WORKS I now have after eight weeks of using it the most brilliant nails. I use under nail varnish with no problem, they have now got to a point where they get so long I need to file them regularly, which was something I never needed to do. Anyway it is not cheap to buy but well worth every penny. So if you suffer with weak brittle nail give it a whirl.

Now can anyone suggest something for hair that is getting a bit thin. 😃

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  • Thanks for that I will give it a try. My nails always split. Break have ridges and peel. Thanks. Bruddery

  • Me too. I asked my gp if it could be mpn related she said no. I didnt beleive her.

  • Please can you get this in the UK?

  • Yep you can get in any large Boots or on line, you need to buy the three bottles together as this is a complete treatment, the first varnish you put on for a week then remove, then start again for a further three weeks once you have completed the first month you have a two week break where you apply the sensertive varnish for two weeks, amazing. You also get an oil to apply every night which helps to put moisture back into the nails, give it a go it has worked for me, not had beautiful nails for years.

  • Hi Superwoman, , , I mite try that as I have awful nails in part due to me nervously nibbling at them. . But during and after my SCT I must keep my mits away from my cake hole, and this product may well help. I won't be going out for a good while so plenty time to treat my nails.

    I think you would be a great advocate for the product for a tidy fee of course. . And all I can suggest for hair at reasonable cost is the old syrup of fig. . . Interesting post Thanks . JR

  • Thanks for that Jedi". syrup of figs, god my mother used to give that to me as a child, said it would clear the system out and boy did it do that!!! But I think these days a glass or two of wine is much better, also you must stop nibbling at your nails will not do your digestive system any good😟

  • Thank you , will have a look in my local Boots, it's funny since being on Hydroxy.... one hand has stronger nails for the first time in my life and the other hand is has soft splitting and very short nails , I wonder what all that is about ... weird or what,

  • Hi bordeauxgirl, that is how mine started to go, all very strange as you say, but must admit this product seemed to of worked really well. I do not need to wear gloves anymore when cleaning or gardening which seemed to make them peel even more, if you cannot get in Boots just go on line and buy the set.

  • You are a one handed washer upper , , that is another reason why my nails are soft, I have slightly smaller feet than my wife so can get nearer the sink therefore I do most of the pots. . .JR

  • Dear JR, lol lol lol dish washer!!!! no way, a machine does all my pots and pans, if not the machine the old man does them. I haven't reached 70 years old and not collected a few benefits. Best laugh of the week. thank you.

  • Hi, like you have ET, jak 2 and take Aspirin, Hydroxy and also take Levothyroxine for thyroid. My nails are very weak. Just this week a colleague at work recommended Renunail but could not remember detail of who made it. Thanks for this info now I know it's full name and where to get it . She said it was brilliant too. My nails were never great before my health problems and for once in my life would be good to have nice nails and to treat myself to manicure and new polish.

    My hair was lovely and thick until I got these health issues, now much thinner. If it had not been so thick before think I would be crying now! If I find anything that's works or is recommended will let you know. Thanks Superwoman. Liz C xx

  • hello Suoerwoman, my nails are weak also and my hair thinning on top , im only on tge Asprin at min jak2 pos and ET but like the sound of the product your useing !

  • High folks, me load a dish washer my old man won't let me near it, says it's his job and that I do not know how to load it, keep telling him I will load him one day and I don't mean in that way either !!! So I clear out of the kitchen to let him get on with it haha, mind you I do not let him near the garden as I love the way I can forget how I feel, always knackered afterwards but in a good way. Although had a total knee replacement in Dec last year so things are taking me longer to do, still onwards and upwards I say.

  • Hey Superwoman, , Linda Carter would be mighty proud of her namesake , gardening is so therapeutic all year round, well maybe not Dec/Jan , , I love pruning everything back and watching it come back to life in Spring. . Keep active and please let your hubby have Control of the dishwasher , it's a man thing. . Good luck with your new knee. .JR

  • Thanks Jedi, the new knee was needed but not sure if I can go through with the other one as I could not take pain killers reacted badley to all of them , plus where I had the op done the staff did not understand my ET and what problems I could have after, plus there was no physio had too eventually have it done privately and is still ongoing but they have worked wonders, plus I have pushed myself to the limit, I am one of these people that tries not to give into things even if I feel low I try and see the funny side of life, hence I love reading everyone's blogs on our wonderful website. Hope all is well with yourself sounds as if you have been through the mill of late. And in my younger days I used to model myself on Linda Carter or was it Doris Day !!! Hence the knees are dodgy😉

  • QUE SERA SERA, , , , EH? . . You do right to push yourself as much as your bod will safely allow I know I do because I'm not one to sit down to things. . . Aye has been a tad full on these past few weeks and I'm packing my case ready to be admitted next week. . Ho Hum life can be a tad unpredictable at times. . . That's partly what makes it worth living though. .Cheers JR

  • Good luck, as you say what will be, will be. Keep us informed how you are doing, if you can that is.

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