Terrible nails

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with ET and Jak 2 in Sept. My nails have never been good but since taking Hydroxy they have been much worse. Has anyone experienced this and found something that has helped? I asked my consultant a few weeks ago and she didn't seem keen on me taking a supplement and thought I would be better off with painting something on my nails. I get the impression she just isn't a great believer in any supplements from our previous conversations. I asked her about boosting my immune system with something but I didn't get much positive feedback. She may be just one of these doctors who feels like that about all supplements but my nails are a really big issue with me I'm embarrassed to go out without nail varnish they are so awful.

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  • Yes, my nails are terrible and split a lot. They have ridges on them as well. I just use hand and nail cream a lot as my skin is so dry. However, I do garden quite a lot so this doesn't help. I have been on Hydroxy for 10 years.

  • Hi Linda, also ET and Jak Positive, and I find taking extra Zinc is brilliant for nails (also hair!)...hope that would be acceptable to your doctor. Very best wishes, Tinkerbell13

  • Thank you I'm going to try the Flexitol for a while but I'm aware of zinc and will try that if they don't improve.

  • Hi Linda, do try it and do let us know how you get on. Isn't this Forum just great....so many caring people who really do understand. Best wishes, especially for coming weeks! Tinkerbell13

  • Thank you. M Christmas or did I already say that.

  • Hi Tink, interested in the Zinc, how much do you take? I'm ET and Jak2 also.

  • Guess about 10 mg a day. Hope it works for you. Very best wishes. Tink!

  • Hi Linda, pop into Boots the chemist and buy Flexitol cuticle and nail cream- it works for me and it's brilliant!

  • Thank you I'll get some tomorrow, Merry Christmas. Linda's

  • Hi Linda, have had ET for the last two and half years, plus an under active Thyroid which does not help with nail problem, so started to have Bio sculptures which crucified my poor old nails, then I found Dr Lewinn's Renunail 3 step, for longer and stronger nails in just four weeks, I can now honestly say that I now have the most amazing nails, I still use the treatment as now my nails look so good even without nail varnish. You can buy the treatment in Boots, or on line just google best to buy the box with the complete treatment, well worth the money I say.

    Jean x

  • Hi Linda

    I have ET and underactive thyroid too and both or meds have affected my nails like you. A colleague at work recommended Dr Lewin's renunail she said it is great. I bought the 3 step treatment but to be honest only just started using it.

    However I can see Superwoman has recommended it too and is getting good results, so glad I have started to use it now.

    Hope you find a solution that works for you. Good luck I know it is not worst side effect but having nice nails makes us feel good! Liz xx

  • This is a great thread! I'm on hydroxy & my mails spilt & flake so I cover them up with gel but I'm going start on the treatment you recommend ladies. We deserve to look & feel great & our nail health matters - and they deserve to look good too!

  • Me too! Just ordered from Amazon. We'll have to post a picture of our nails at the end of January!

    Happy Christmas ladies.

    Judy X

  • Hi Judy did you order that Dr..... Nail product only I've deleted the link by mistake. If you did can remind me what it was, if not I think I could find it in Boots. Thanks Linda

  • Hi, I couldn't find the set of three at Boots so ordered on Amazon Dr Lewins 3 steps to longer stronger nails. £25:60.

    Judy X

  • Hi Linda, thank you for sharing. I too have this problem with my nails, and did not connect with ET Jak2+ and Hydrox that I was on for two and half years. they have ridges and split.......

    Will try these suggested treatments.

    Wishing you well

    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year, Happy , Heathy and Wealthy one.

  • Hi,

    I tink , your consultant , not recomanded to you the supplements because this bust not only immune system bust also cancer (MPD is a sort of cancer)

    Mary Christmas

  • My nails have never been any good, but since the ET and the Hydroxy they got even worse, so I have my nails silk wrapped and painted every 5 - 6 weeks. My hair has suffered too, (thinner, greyer, not holding the colour) so I now go to the hairdressers for colouring instead of doing it myself. We've got an illness we need to spoil ourselves - don't we??!!

  • Thank you everyone I now have several things to try and will work on them all until I find something that works for me, great.

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