Problems with damaged, dry, flaky nails - any solutions?

Do you have any hints and tips for managing damaged nails that are catching and snagging on tights and delicate material? The lady who has this problem has tried silica supplements, but that has not helped, she has also tried wearing stick on nails which don't stick, she is very careful with her nails and looks after them but to no avail, she still has the problem of dry, damaged nails. Have you found a solution to this problem that we can pass on, not just to this lady but to others who may be suffering with the same problem. Thank you for any suggestions, hints and tips that you may have, best wishes, Maz.

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  • This might help. I have really bad circulation in the Winter and have to be particular about protecting my hands from dry skin, hacks etc.

    I apply a really thick layer of hand moisturiser and wear a pair of gloves for as long as I can stand it. She could also try the same thing with plastic bags instead of gloves, it might help her absorb more of the cream.

    Some manicurists do a wax treatment which is supposed to work miracles. I'm planning on indulging in one or two treatments this winter.

    Finally, fish oil capsules are a general cure all... Which reminds me I have a box full of them and need to start taking them!

  • Hi Shazzer, thanks for this, I will pass it on to the lady. Let us know how the wax treatment goes, it will be interesting to know. Thanks, Maz

  • CH Alpha, pure collagen works well for formation of cartilage, nails, skin. Take one a day. It is very good stuff. Pillfood, also very good for hair and nails too. This internal supplements are very good. Wishing you well.

  • Hi Maz,I have problems with flaking nails,I use Argan oil to nourish,then "Sally Hanson Miracle Cure" or Maximum Growth,available in Boots Chemist or on line.It guards nails well,helps the flaking.Mine do not grow ,as I work continually with clay and wax,so no chance of elegant hands .Since Hydrea tho ,much worse and the Hanson product does help.Best wishes and keep well .Inca

  • Foods that are high in protein can help promote the growth of keratin. Fish is a particularly good source. Also, prenatal vitamins can provide a boost to nails and hair, but use only after discussing with your doctor as medications may be contraindicated for use with certain over-the-counter remedies.

  • a product called mavarla will help

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