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Absolutely great,congratulations to all who must have worked so hard to present it all.Husband and daughter were enlightened to see and hear everyone talking of their problems.Louise Broughton was excellent and looked fantastic,sparks the usual ? 'But you don't look ill!' For me personally,I felt 'connected' with faces put to names ,others with the same worries,I feel isolated and unusual where I am at present,in U K too,no-one similar for miles! So excellent for all like me, we belong to a superb group,Thankyou.

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Well said Sally , always remember I'm your friend x


I just replied ,but I think it disappeared into the ether!

I know that you are a true friend,I know you tho it is just mails and pics.I know you are a fighter like me,that you have a northern sense of humour and loyalty to family ,friends and and are one of the best,Thank you for being there for me across the miles.At the moment I am fed up of ulcers in my mouth and rotten fatigue( extra Hydrea the culprit)when I want to be O K to do things with with Sara,you know the girly stuff,sales,trawling the gorgeous perfumeries,very lovely clothes shops etc...So you might get two replies ,!!!xxx

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I think someone up there must of getting the second reply :) lucky them x

I know what you getting at girly stuff & Daughter time is a tonic in its self , ooo not nice ulcers I get them also had a huge strip on my gum ( NOT BUM LOL )

I do hope you can gather value time with Sara , Memories are precious keep up to good spirit

And I'm praying for your good health to return x

Lov Pam xx


So glad that you all were able to join us and that you all enjoyed it and found it helped not just you but your partners as well. Maz


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