London forum 2016 .. July 11 th

London forum 2016 .. July 11 th

Hi all ,here I am. Twinkly , been cut off a while but I'm back again now ,

Wasn't it a good evening out in London at guys on Monday ,perry ( my son ) drove me up through the awful traffic ,I couldn't drive in London nowadays ,it's too hectic for me !

I enjoyed the haematology nurses talk .its good to know if you phone into your hospital unit ,she will call you back to put problems to rest .iv done just that ,to addenbrooks recently when I was vomiting at night ,good job I did ,my hiatus hernia had ruptured after 20 years of medicine .i needed urgent surgery ,my nurse put out the call to the gut clinic ..I was in hospital in 6 weeks .better now ! I took my medicine ruxulitnib all through my surgery with all good results ! So just proves it can be done .o,k,

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  • Fantastic photo of you and your boys Twinkly! Glad you're back online.

    Judy xx

  • Well,you are looking great Twinkly,so are those magnificent dogs,glad you are around again,how do you always look so happy?I just had a long trip to Paris to the. Bruce Springsteen concert,Fabulous....rocked until midnight,energy came from the band......should see me today,feet and ankles swollen ,totally exhausted,and joi de Vivre gone like a deflated balloon! Keep well and smiling.You are a tonic !

  • The secret is to really rest between the big outings ,,eat small size snacks ,fruit and juice often . Feet up ,warm baths ,happy video ,s . Don't watch news .dont read papers ,really learn to relax .positive lifestyle ,keeps you strong and happy .yes I am a life lover !! Twinkly xx

  • Oh Twinkly you are such an inspiration!! I try to follow your advice - don't always succeed but feel better for making the effort!!!! You and your boys look fab!!

    Karen xxx

  • Such lovely dogs! Black russians? I hav a 10 1/2years white/black newfie (english landseer) who is a great comfort right now. My biggest worry right now is if I shall have to put her to sleep if the haematologist decides that I shall have a sct (stem cell transplant). I will probably be diagnosed with cmml on thursday. Fortunately, I'm good at keeping my spirits up, and I feel quite well at the moment👍I have no children, but I have had dogs for more than 30 years. My newfie Kaylee is a great comfort❤️😊

  • Please keep in touch with us ,let us help you through your tough times ahead ,,bittebitt

    Surely some one will take your dog and foster while you go through your treatment .

    Get in touch with a breed club ..they have some helpers .dont take a sad desision until all avenues have been checked out !! I'm sending my love to you ..try to eat and drink really healthy to build up your immune system before you go into a unit ..drink as much in every day as you are able to ,,bottled water .fresh juice !! I did just that and my surgery recently was a great success ...keep in touch. Twinkly. Xx💜

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