We could all be fine looking fillies!

My 21 year old daughter has over processed fine hair & someone has recommended Mane N Tail shampoo/conditioner. Now, this stuff is designed for horses but seems it works wonders on fine, thin hair which, if you're on Hydroxy, you'll know what I'm talking about! Anyone tried it? Have to say, I'm very tempted at around £7 a bottle but concerned I may start leaping fences & whinnying in Tescos. Love n stuff, Poll x

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  • Great idea ,,I use it all the time on my hairy dogs ,,it works very well at moulting time ,,

    Iv never used it on me ,,but nothing ventured ,,nothing gained ,, Anyone seen my hay bag ???

  • ...and Hoof Mender for brittle nails!

  • Seriously, Blulou? Or are you pulling my mane?!!

  • I played music professionally for many years. Some of the guitarists I knew were classical players who use their fingernails on the strings. I played bass and used my first two nails on my 'pickin'' hand on the strings. Extended performances night after night can be very hard on those nails.

    I also took care of an Appaloosa - notorious for having soft hooves. Hoof Mender for the pony, for me, and for all my classical guitarist friends.

  • Definitely,the hoof preparation for nails,used it for years on my horses,always a growth of my nails afterwards too.Very sticky and gooey tho!!

  • Oh well I like horses so thinking of joining a herd!!xx will have better hair and nails!! aime xx

  • Let me know how you get on with the shampoo

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