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Tea Party 28th March The Rubens at the Palace by Buckingham Palace

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all have seen Maz's post re fundraising. John is attempting to run the marathon this year. He is 40, with ET and has experienced quite a change in his lifestyle, his ET was found by chance following damage to a knee whilst mountain biking.

We hope that he & the marathon attempt combined with the tea party will provide people with some inspiration.

We decided that instead of just asking people for a donation we would try and give some back to people. So we decided to hold the tea party. My sister in law Trish has negotiated this for us. We decided that it's important that people get together and talk, share experiences and situations, and help each other! John has decided to run the marathon because he acknowledges that he wants to do as much as he can whilst he can, and he realizes the importance on his own well being, and that his spirits are lifted when he exercises . And this is strikes a chord with what twinkly (violet) has just said, the importance of continuing your hobbies.

I have been to the coffee days that twinkly arranged in Cambridge, and they have been invaluable, and the patients forums are great too. The tea party we hope allows you to catch up with people that maybe you've met via the forum or on the patient forum evenings.

Please feel free to extend the invitation to friends and family, and take the opportunity to treat yourselves and make a day of it in London.

The fantastic tea party will take place at the prestigious The Rubens at the Palace, opposite Buckingham Palace in Victoria, London, on Saturday 28th March 2015 at 2pm onwards. The cost is £25 for an adult and £10 for children under 12 yrs. this includes cream tea, raffle and goody bag.

If you are going to make a day of it, then you may be interested in visiting the Household Cavalry Museum prior to the Tea Party. A discount of 25% for adults and 50% for concessions has been negotiated, upon presentation of a ticket for the Tea Party. This discount is only available on the 28th March. All payments for this are to be made on the day to the Museum. The Household Cavalry Museum is a living Museum in the heart of Horse Guards. It celebrates the history and accomplishments of The Household Cavalry offering a unique 'behind the scenes' look at the work that goes into the ceremonial and armoured reconnaissance role of HM The Queen's Mounted Bodyguard.

In order to purchase your tickets for the Tea Party at The Rubens at the Palace, please send either myself or Nicolette an email ( or ) stating how many tickets you are purchasing (split between Adult and Child).

If you don't have access to a printer then let us know and we can arrange something for you.

All our best

John & Nicolette xx

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What a wonderful idea, not only fundraising but raising so much awareness. And the chance for people to get together with tea and cake!!! Fantastic. Everyone at MPN Voice thanks you for all your wonderful support. Have a great afternoon.


Thanks Marilyn - Im hoping that 1 or 2 people will say yes, and the flood gates will open!

As a partner of someone who has ET sometimes its hard to know what to do, but if this can help alot of people then its the least I can do :)


If people are wondering, we believe that we have sold between 30 & 40 space to friends and family. If there are a couple of you or you don't want to be the first don't worry you're not! We can manage tables so that you are sitting with who you choose to sit with! X