Let's talk grass roots level !! It's time to make a big change in your life style .once diagnosed ,your whole world needs to re evaluate

I was so very lucky ,a friend sent me a book through the post ,I never normally read much ,but I decided to make the effort .its a cheap paperback ,,,The Ph Miracle Diet ,

By doctor Robert Young ,and his wife Shelly ....( you can buy it on line) ,,now I cut out red meat .especially pork .. The secret is don't buy tinned food ,packets ,if I can't recognise what it is ,I don't buy it ,. So pizza ,pies ,sausages ,are out .but all green vegetables ,root vegetables ,fruit ( which I love) ... I drink filtered water , I drink juice , I drink limited tea , we have so much choice in the supermarkets ..choice is the key to getting well ..I like you ,,suffered with fatigue not sleeping at night ,but exhausted all day .. But not now ! I go to bed and I sleep .after breathing exercises ,every night ..write to me if you need any help or advice on diet ,,come on now !!! Make the change ,clean up your blood cells ....you know it makes good sense .... Twinkly ...😀😀😉

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  • Hi Twinkly lovely to see your post, , since I got my veggie sisters Stem cells I can't get enough greens. However you know I believe in a healthy balanced diet which includes meat, though we steer clear of low quality products and ready meals. I buy 85% plus pork snausage, less than 5% fat mince, Quorndon is a good alternative as it's hard to tell the difference in spag bol, lean venison, and an occasional steak. I also eat quite a bit of fish and pasta. I also now check where my food is sourced as this is important to me. When I told my sis in law the chicken in her over priced Weight Watchers ready meal was from Thailand and the prawns farmed in Vietnam Nam she was shocked.

    What I will say is that I admire your commitment to the cause and I fully endorse all the good advice you give about healthy clean foods. I think as you say it takes a step change in your dietary lifestyle to reap the reward. I hope you get some folk taking up your offer of help because I know how much diet helps you manage your MPN.

    Lovely to hear from you. Love Chris xx

  • Well there you are !! Iv been missing you ! I think Iv been a good influence on you Chris ..remember all those macdonald s you had and the amber nectar you loved more than life itself ! I hope if I can encourage just one of my buddies to think before they buy ,,Iv achieved my goal ..you know ,,I bloody hate fish ,but I eat so much chicken ! I waddle and I cluck !!and it's not just my old age ....love to hear from you my wayward son sending hugs through the airways to you and yours as ever , Mother hen. Xxx😈😈

  • I haven't had a pint since last August but I shouldn't drink because of my liver problems. It was sis in laws birthday a few weeks back so we popped to my club again the first time since I went for transplant last August, I sampled a half of my usual lager which took me an hour to drink and I really struggled with it as it tasted sooo strong, like Carlsberg Special Brew though it's only half the strength.

    You will be pleased to learn I won't be going back to my old habits when I eventually recover. Bye for now Twinkly star. Chris xx

  • Hello Twinkly,

    Interesting to read your healthy diet advice, since I have had my SCT I have greatly improved my habits, but still have a way to go to get to your standards.

    Do you have any knowledge about homeopathic medication? Recently my GVHD has turned to a chronic phase in the liver, and friends have suggested I try Desmodium (I don't know if in English it's the same name) and other things to help the liver/bile and draining? Any thoughts.

    Apart from that any photos or life phrases to share?

    ps HelloJedireject, could to see you posting again.


  • Cheers Gary. . I will have a look at that alternative as it could help my liver issues. However I would need to run it past my consultant if I wanted give it a whirl in case of any conflict. . He's a top man and I trust his judgement without reservation. . . Stay strong buddy. Chris

  • Yes Chris you're correct, I wouldn't do anything before running it by the consultant.

    Unfortunately French 'mainstream' doctors in hospitals here are not too pro-reactive on this sort of subject. Their way of working is more: "Tell us what you would like, bring us the infos/specifications and we'll give you the Yes/No.

    Keep strong.Gary

  • I'm not an expert ,you understand ,but I have learned about diet and healthy feeding for 50 years as a breeder and show judge of dogs ,,all sizes ..

    To keep at the top of your game you must try all sorts of supplements .Celery is a natural diabetic ,use real sea salt .eat lettuce and beetroot as well as tomatoes .not just in salads ,put these excellent little gems on your plate at all meals .try Chinese leaves ,they taste Devine .and bean shoots are natural growing cells .so excellent ..if you google the liver on your I,pad .it will tell you how to keep it healthy .alcohole needs to be cut to a minimum .just enjoy life with all the growing food provided ..your inner cells will get well if you gently encourage them to behave by giving them what they need to starve those evil invaders !! They love sugar ,fat ,and chemicles ....addertives .are their feeders ... Hope this helps , twinkly ...xxxx

  • Well bonjour ! It's the handsome toad!

    I have no advice re homeopathic meds but I'm a huge advocate of healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle. As much organic as possible and at least 2 litres water every 24 hours.

    Shouldn't be difficult where you live?

    Louise in the drizzly Lakes.


  • Well Louise, your right about the water side of things, however for the organic/bio fruit & veg and local butchers/non-industrial meat side of things the budget is difficult side of things. Try to go to the local market as much as I can, but don't really know if the bio/free-range products on sale are really what they are advertised as being or if it's a rip off.

    Time to time get to eat fresh veg out of a friends garden, that's the real thing and tasty too; perhaps I should go back to gardening like when I was a kid - never too late to try!

    Have a nice WE.Gary

  • You are right about diet Twinkly. I have lost 3 stones following slimming world, I have cut out processed food, I too eat a lot of chicken, also fish, so many vegetables I ought to be green! I try to buy British as much as possible to support our farmers. Although the lack of proper butchers in our area can make that difficult. Supermarket meat looks entirely the wrong colour and is usually from abroad where they don't care for their animals like we do. I often have veggie meals but my husband continues to be a big meat eater.

    Keep on Twinkling! X

  • Way to go Lizzie .. It's amazing how the eating helps your lifestyle ,,because good intake puts you back in control dosnt it !! Confidence grows as we shed the fatty tissue that holds us back in the energy department . Also the depression isn't getting fed .so our days seem brighter ..mood swings get less ..drink lots of water and juices to wash the old junk away .... Twinkly. Xxx

  • Hey Violet,

    You're preaching to the converted as you know!

    Been on an organic diet with no added rubbish for 4 years. Wild horses wouldn't make me eat processed foods now, I'd rather starve.....

    Sadly many patients with dire diseases would rather keep ingesting crap than change their lifestyle. You and I could prattle on forever but mostly falls on deaf ears!

    I can spot people at forums when I've spoken on this subject, who aren't remotely interested - theirs eyes glaze over and they clearly think I'm mad!

    You and I know we're not. I sit on the train sometimes ( eating my organic chicken and organic salad and drinking organic elderflower! ) and watch them - the smell is disgusting - eating wraps, sausage baps and think my god, if only you knew!

    Lovely to hear from you, and from you Chris and you old Toady!



  • It's not until a doctor delivers the news..you are really sick ,,then you start looking to change all of your life style and diet .and exercise if possible ..good luck on your journeys .twinkly xx

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