At the talk last week about cancer ,I was amazed to hear about the chemicals in our tap,water systems .eastrogen is passed back by so many !

At the talk last week about cancer ,I was amazed to hear about the chemicals in our tap,water systems .eastrogen is passed back by so many !

Thousands of us are useing this adertive now days ,it's given to animals too to make them produce more meat,or more milk ,or more it gets into the food chain at sorce ,then it's washed down our drain systems ,into the pumping stations ,back into the water we drink everyday from our taps, one way or another. Reconstituted .....

Maybe it's time to think about a water filter in my kitchen , How about you ??

Twinkly. Xxx

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  • I don't worry too much about tap water here in the Lakes as it's some of the purest in the country, but you know me Violet, I don't touch meat unless it's organic and gave up dairy produce 3 years ago.

    Far more chemicals pumped into our foodstuffs than our water, and in greater quantity. All you have to do is look at the back of packets, tins, jars and bottles.

    I feel a zillion times better and don't suffer any of the symptoms that most patients with MPNs suffer.


  • Louise you are an inspiration . You look well and you obviously feel well .its good to share ! The more we understand the sooner we break bad habits ! Keep twinkling !,,,

  • good morning dear friend!

    Thank you, you too are an inspiration! I've just written to one of the new GP's at our practice re the importance of diet. Most of these medics have their heads buried firmly in the sand.

    It's good to keep a twinkle in your wrinkle!

    How on earth do you post a photo of yourself on this site?


  • Do you eat all organic? Fruits and vegetables and no dairy. Do you follow a specific diet. Please post what you would eat in a day. Need change my diet. Hope that would help me. Having a lot of problems these days . Thanks

  • In the morning I have a banana ,raspberry s or strawberries ,or some fruit ,I drink juice bottled water , Mid day ,salad ,boiled eggs .fish. Potatoes boiled ,advacardo is good,any veg is good all kinds of tomatoes I love ,, early dinner ..chicken ,with every steamed veg ,

    Carrots , broccoli ,sprouts ,cabbage,green beans ,parsnips ,potatoes,peas.sweetcorn ..onions ,beet root ,leaks,celery,( cooked or raw) ,, I eat no red meat , now I can't digest it ,

    I drink all kinds of juice and I make soup ,,it's to die for it's so lovely friends and family come to lunch ..they eat French bread I buy butter for them and Bob my husband .i drink some fruit teas ,,I take vitamins ,C x D ..and pomi T..I take everyday ,

    Blue berries ,are good and grapes darker the better ,,any strong colour growing is great ,,

    Try to keep away from pre cooked packet food ,,it's full of preservative chemicals ,,

    Cancer cells love them .. You will need the bathroom often to start with but after a few weeks you will have energy to spare ,,good skin ,,sleep well .your whole body will thank you . I make fruit cake at home ,eggs are from my mate pams chickens who are in the yard ,,she kept me alive in the beginning with her eggs !! Adjust this to suit you ..if you eat bread that's o.k. But I don't digest it too well ..I hope this gives you ideas ,,,twinkly x

  • Thanks so much. I can do that.

  • I am going to try making my own soup,do you use a particular recipe?Found your info interesting.I have a filter jug for water,helps me know how much I am drinking,and the water is a good texture and better to drink,no need to spend on expensive systems.Like you I can no longer digest red meat,or wine either,not that I miss either,can be a bit awkward when asked out to dine!! Especially here ,the French are such foodies,this region in particular,good thing is an amazing range of fish3/4 of which we had never seen or heard of until living here ,thanks for all your great help to all Twinkle On,Best Wishes

  • Just remember with soup potatoes thicken ,so that's a good tip ..taste it often ,use garlic as often as possible ,,every veg is good tomatoes are tasty ,,white gentle onions ,left over chicken and bones ,,salt to taste ,spoonful of honey with tomatoes ,,carrots are colourful and rich ..sweetcorn or peas , tiny arrowroot to thicken ,,squeeze of lemon for zing ...try to give up mushrooms ,they are unhealthy ,grow in dark dingy places ,,on dead wood often ,fungus foods are not good. Spoonful of rice in with chicken and sweetcorn ,is tasty ,

    Treat it as an adventure , As well as a comforting cure ,, Xxxx

  • Thank you Twinkly,going to try next week,I 'm no chef mind you,but surely I can do soup,I guess it can last a few days as home made,solve the ongoing 'what can I eat today'problem.xx

  • Soup lasts a few days in the fridge and it's a good snack in a cup after a cold walk ,I find .all the goodness in liquid form is so easy to digest .. It gives your whole gut a rest..try it ! Enjoy ! Xx

  • Whatever you do, avoid supermarket chicken! Filled with antibiotics and chemicals - we take enough of those already!

    Lots of soup recipes online if you get stuck...

    Have a look at Jamie Oliver, Nigella and Delia Smith for a starter.

    Just google, Jamie Oliver soup, or Delia soup.

    The secret to good soup is a decent stock - meat ( or fish bones!) simmered with water and onions carrots etc for a few hours. Great way of using up a chicken carcass and all the bits on the carcass that no one will eat except the dog.

    Sieve, then bung in veg, whatever you like.

    Simmer again for a few hours, then whizz in blender.

    I don't eat all organic except for meat - ALWAYS organic chicken for reasons above, and usually organic lamb, and beef. Veg and fruit are fine non organic except for






    Strawberries and other soft fruits.

    If you google the twelve dirtiest fruit and veg it will come up with a list of those to avoid.

    I listed them all before I came across the list - my body reacted violently to strawberries and onions.

    You can bulk soup up with organic lentils, brown rice and quinoa ( pronounced keen wah) all available from health food shops. Quinoa is a seed which is almost a first class protein - really good for you, and cheaper than meat.

    I eat 4 bananas a day as well a bucket load of fruit , and at least two avocados!

    I feel really really well. Honestly!



  • Thank you Louise,I will google those cooks,why did I not think to do that?Like to know what other people make tho.I can not cope with bananas ,but like them,nor strawberries,onions only just,flavour my casseroles with leeks ,chicken cass that is....try not to have meat ,must sometimes ,very seldom and fish at least three times weekly,marvellous selection here .Keep Well,thanks again to you and Twinkly!Sally

  • Hi all - I've changed my diet and now have pretty much cut out fructose - which turns to fat and stickies up your blood if you eat too much of it (2 pieces of fruit a day is enough!) NO fruit juice - it has as much sugar in it as Coke so it's a definite no for me.

    I also don't eat processed food as Twinkly, Loubprv and others say - too much unknown chemical stuff and home made is sooooo much nicer!

    I also drink 3 -4 litres of water a day and I can honestly say I haven't EVER felt so good, so considering I have ET, on Hydroxycarbemide and aspirin, it's great not to have any fatigue, aches and pains and my energy levels are better than they've been for years.

    I'm convinced the diet has made the difference - and the other happy side effect is that I've lost weight in a healthy, slow way, which means the risk of stroke is much diminished.

    So that's it - changed for life and it makes so much sense to only eat food I know where it's come from (ie butcher's meat) and cook meals from scratch.

    Let's get the word out for beautiful fresh, wholesome, interesting food and get the doctors on our side to help us manage our symptoms and live long healthy lives!


  • I love you Liz , you tell it like it is ! The more we spread the word ,the more we help each other to look and feel better ,thanks for sharing ,, Twinkly. Xx

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