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Monday morning ,here to remind you all of our open invitation on Wednesday 20 th of August ,to come to scotsdales garden centre .to meet up

It's a good time of the year to get together for tea / coffee ,to chat unwind and relax.maz has put the link for you to find the full address ,we will be there from 11 o'clock ,untill 4 o'clock .so as thet say ..come on down ..all the best. .twinkly..

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Have a great day. .. I'll be with you in spirit! Liz


Oh how I wish I could make it. Will be thinking of you all though.

Linds x



I intend on coming but can't get there until about 2ish. Will this be okay? Also, where abouts in scotsdales is it?

Mandy x


It's easy to find big yellow sunflower on the road out side ,

It's dot far from the really big waitrose ,at trumping ton ..

It's called shelford road , It's scotsdales garden centre , very big place ,

Our building stands to the left of the gates .on it's own in the gardens ...

It's a lovely building .glass and space ,

Hope you come ,,,, Twinkly. Xx


The address for the meeting is: The David Rayner Building, The Cambridge Cancer Help Centre, Scotsdales Garden Centre, 120 Cambridge Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5JT, this link will take you to the website where you will find directions I hope you all enjoy meeting up, sorry I can't be there with you all. Maz


Hi Mandy ,I loved meeting you today ,you have a beautiful daughter ,we need more time together to chat don't we ?? But do you think it was worth the effort ,I tried my best to get some interest ,it's not so easy to get out there ,is it ?? I'm good to bounce your worries off so use my maturity any time .Im here contact is easier nowadays .. And keep twinkling Xx


Hi Violet, it was very nice meeting you yesterday. It was nice to talk about it, sorry I got there so late. I hope more people will be able to make the next one but well worth going to! Mandy xx


Hi Mandy

I hope I got the right one, but this is where I'm going to!

Nic x

Garden Centre

120 Cambridge Rd, Great Shelford, Cambridge CB22 5JT

01223 842777


Great look forward to meeting up's such a lovely place , Twinkly .xx


Hi Nic, nice meeting you yesterday. Hope you found it helpful x


I did find it useful! Realised I probably needed to talk more especially how the changes have impacted us x


Nic ..I think it would be good to keep in touch ,now .

Sometimes it's good to have a buddy who you can bounce off and let it out to .i know my mate needed me when she had stress at work dealing with awfull cases in law ..just a thought ,let maz know email is with her ,, Great to meet up .my husband

Found it useful too ,,, Twinkly. Xx


Thank you very much for organising today. It was good to meet those that were able to come. Hope it can happen again. Barbara


Hi Barbara ,let me know when you are going to the cancer support at scotsdales ,ill drive up and meet you ,it's a lovely place to meet , maz can send you my private e.mail .if you need it ,we live close ,it's no effort for me ,, Kind regards ..twinkly. Xx