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Vomiting and Extreme Cold

My husband has Myelofibrosis and a week ago had to have a bone marrow biopsy as the Ruxolitinib appears to have stopped working for him. Apart from fatigue he is feeling extremely cold often (even in warm weather) and has been vomiting his food up from time to time. His spleen is also terriby swollen.

I am guessing that the vomiting is caused by the enlarged spleen, but don't know about the extreme cold he is feeling. Our next appointment is not until the 23/12 with the Dr to get results from the bone marrow and to decide on next course of action.

Does anyone else have these symptons?

Merry Christmas to all.


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hi shoosh I also get fatigue and cold I usually if possible wrap up in a blankets and use wheaty bags to get my body warm but sometimes this works the opposite way and I get extremely hot not sure if it do with mpns but do hope this helps

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I have PV not MF but last year when i was very Anaemic i suffered with being very cold.

I know Anaemia is a problem with MF so it could be this.

Good luck, hopefully they can identify the issue and come up with a solution.


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Hello Shoosh Sorry your husband is feeling unwell. It maybe a good idea to contact your Doctor, via the phone and explain the way he is feeling. If he is feeling too unwell to visit the surgery ask them to do a home visit.Hope he feels better soon. Bye


Hi Shoosh, I have advanced myelofibrosis and one of my symptoms is variations in temperature. I can get very cold or very hot. The heat is more dominant but when shivers come on, they are extreme but pass fairly soon. I understand that these are common symptoms of myelofibrosis. I read an article somewhere that this is a result of the body trying to manufacture more energy. I have not experienced, or heard, about vomiting as a symptom but my spleen is not enlarged. You may be right in saying that it is caused by your husband's splenomegaly. Please let me know what it is once you find out. Best of luck. x

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Hi Shoosh, sorry to hear your husband is unwell. I have PV not MF so far so can't really help with the symptoms but like babbitybumble says might be a good idea to get your GP to do a home visit if you are both so worried, which it sounds like you are. Thinking about you both, hope things improve soon - best wishes Aime x


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